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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » what are you looking forward to for Christmas?
Created: 2014-12-22 17:43:45
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well the title is pretty much self explantory lol

"what are you looking forward to for Christmas? =] "
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I'm just excited to have gotten presents for my family...It's also going to be nice getting money so I can spend it...I love being with my family and friends mostly.
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Looking forward to become soooooooo busssssssyyyy and a stressful days. But it start 2 weeks ago. I've been exhausted this last 2 weeks :cry:
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Well, after Christmas I plan on getting more active than I have been (I tend to go out side more commonly in the winter)

But on Christmas however, I got my parrents gifts from here on P2S (I haven't added them to my profile because i tend to fall asleep with my computer on, don't want them to accidentally find out ;; )
And apparently I'm getting something I really really want, but that's the only hint I get for this year. Hmm...
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I'm looking forward to it being over.
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I'm looking forward to spending time with my family they're scattered over several states. This is only one of two times a year we're all together. I also bought a lot of gifts from amazon I bought with the gift cards I've earned. Merry Christmas all!
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My first Christmas in my new home. My family is going to Nashville for Christmas and I am staying home. The boyfriend and I are just gonna do like turkey and stuffing.

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