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Created: 2014-12-22 15:23:13
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How to Search for Freebies Before Posting

All to often users have posts removed because they were posted before, it's one of the most common reasons for post removals. This can be prevented simply by using the search bar to look for the freebie, because manually looking through hundreds of freebies page by page uses way to much time and effort. Here is how I search for freebies to check them and some tips on searching :

:check: Set your search up right. It takes 5 seconds:

• Order your search by "Date", "Descending"
• Click "More Options" and select "Free Stuff" to search specifically in the freebie forum.

:check: Use the right search term:

• Websites: search for the main body of the link.
E.g. Looking for then use the search term sandywipes

• Facebook apps/social media posts: search for the app/page number or name as looking for facebook or twitter will bring up a far to many results.
E.g. Looking for then use the search term 672169342845579 or NIVEAusa

• General apps:
Using this post as an example your search term could be premier league (part of the app name), one stop or cola, all of these terms yield a result. But note that one stop has more results as many topics use the word one! Especially with the full app name, "premier league away days" the amount of posts with 'away' or 'days' in them is very lengthy indeed. So use common sense when you search, although sometimes looking back through a handful of pages might be unavoidable

:check: Check your spelling & Wording:
• You of course won't get a result if you misspell something or write it in the wrong format (see example below).

:check: Use your common sense:
• If you think you have seen the freebie before recently but your first search doesn't turn up something, tweak it and check. Or ask someone else to help you.

Here's a picture example of how to do a quick search (click it to enlargen):

Now you've read this and (hopefully) understand how to search you can search for your freebies with speed and ease, so you can keep all your tickets! Moderators don't sit there for hours searching a million different terms (well I don't! I just write the long boring topics :p). Moderators will remove posts they find to have broken this rule or any others. Below are a few extra tips:

:check: Make sure you have read the Rules (Note some freebies need mod approval before posting), check the popular freebies & Scam sites
:check: Format it correctly (posting links alone are not acceptable), agm's template is a good help
:check: Ask for help if you need it, moderators don't mind helping you it's what we are here for

Why Are Mods So Strict When it Comes to Removing Freebie Posts?

It is not an unknown fact that the rules for posting in the freebie forum are strict and moderators notoriously ruthless when it comes to removing posts. A common response people give is anger at their posts being remove stating it is unfair and they lost 2 tickets (sometimes points). The 2 ticket rule is there to force people to check their posts carefully before posting, however even the regular posters lose tickets as we make no exceptions in bending the rules for others. If you do per chance notice your post is invalid message a mod asking to change it or edit your post with a valid freebie before it is removed. But a moderator has no responsibility to message you to change your freebie, we remove countless amounts of posts, mostly preventable by reading the rules.

Okay, so now I've explained a bit about that, I shall now answer the question at hand. Users receive lottery tickets for posting in the freebie forum which are used in the P2S lottery and as many know that can reach to over $250 worth of points! Therefore each post could be worth the jackpot, or even the smaller prizes of 5 tickets to $10. So it would be unfair for a user to win any kind of reward from a ticket earned from an invalid post (intentional or accidental). Imagine how angry you would feel if you discovered the lottery jackpot was won by a user who made an awful or invalid freebie post. This is why we are so strict, we will remove posts that don't meet standards or follow the rules and we will not change the stance towards this. But we aren't completely heartless, for example any posts made before the last lottery was drawn will not be removed (Valid or invalid). Now then of course there are going to be times when a mod misses a topic or things get overseen, we are normal people with normal(ish) lives and responsibilities. We do the best we can, if you feel as if something has gone amiss, comment on the topic, message a mod and/or report the post. It will get seen to as quickly as possible. So long paragraph short: 'Each post could be worth up to $250+, so it would be unfair for someone to win the jackpot on an invalid ticket'.
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Like Mighty Parker Spoken !!! Shelbi is awesome !!! very nice post
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This will help members who is new to posting freebies.
Nice post. Thank you.
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As a newbie, I thank to you.☺
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Interesting post, I'll leave it at that
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I find myself wondering why a mod would delete posts that meet these requirements, then I remembered they are also users here and are trying to rig the lottery for their (and their friends) gain. It is the only answer as to why some posts are kept up and others are not, Easy way to eliminate competition, right?gjtgjtgjt

I have replied to your message, and as stated in the post if users feel a freebie post is invalid and has been overlooked then message a mod, comment on the post or use the alert a mod button. All users are the same, no matter whether they post alot or a little.
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that was good thx
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Thank u
awesome post!
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As a newbie, I thank to you.☺

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