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Created: 2014-11-24 22:20:35
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To avoid that people (not you of course, those bad survey takers) fill out fake information on questions and don't even read we do have the need for control questions.

Some characteristics for good control questions:

- They cannot actually be true for a member filling out the control questions
- They are funny
- They are not too funny that they tempt people to answer incorrectly

A bad control question:

- Did you ever have a meet and greet with Michael Jackson?
This is a bad question because it can actually be true, although unlikely for the majority of members.

Examples our members encountered recently:

- How often do you drink bleach?
- In the past year, how many fatal heart attacks (resulting in death) have you experienced?
- How often does someone in your household do the following: Mail a Watermelon?

I thought it'd be fun if you guys would come up with some we could use. So go ahead!
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How often do you drive upside down?
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How often does your refrigerator talk to you?
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Were you raised by wolves?

Are you wearing an apple?

Have you ever been in an accident that resulted in your death?

Have you purchased Enron stock in the last 2 years?

**edited for typo :)
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--In a average week,how many times do you take a frog to work?

how about a think question?
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Do you enjoy eating rooster eggs?

How often have you swallowed a watermelon whole?

Do you own a flying carpet?

Have you ever rode a train to Mars?
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Am I spamming?
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Thanks guys, I see some good ones. Keep it going:)
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have you ever carpeted the ceiling?

Are you on a strict diet of only plastic?

Do you enjoy eating wax fruit?

Have you ever toasted a snow cone?
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Lots of funny stuff, lol, but do they all really serve the purpose?
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How often do you get eaten by zombies?

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