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Created: 2009-09-26 03:48:53
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Before you reply or anything to this topic, Please do not say "360 sucks" or "get ps3 because its better"

I want some comparisons and some honest opinions, (with sentences) to help me decide on a console

Should i get a Xbox 360 Elite or Playstation 3 Slim?
(if you can, provide some pros and cons from Your opinions)
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How do you pick between two great consoles? Heres how research. here are some pros and cons for both

pros: Amazing graphics, free internet,multi media player

cons: loud annoying fan if not venilated properly, internet is a bit laggy

Xbox 360:
Pros: great online experience, great for meting new friends online, cheaper than the ps3

cons: risk of red ring of death, have o pay for internet (50 bucks a year)

here is what i recommend.
if you go with ps3:
buy refurbished it works just the same as new if not better
buy the old on, the new ones are ugly =p

if you go with xbox 360:
watch some youtube videos on how to get a jasper system, those systems have a very low chance of getting the red ring of death
buy refurb, it works the same if not better

good luck with your choice
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Xbox 360 Elite
-Best online on the market. Biggest online community and funnest to play.
-Comes with HDMI Cable and mic no need to buy a 50$ mic like ps3.
-120gb of removal storage capacity so you can take to a friends house if you would like to instead of whole system.
-Controller is better and proven to be better than ps3.
-Has to pay online after 1 free month.
-Movies are not as high quality as ps3.
-Controllers need batteries or you need to buy rechargeable battery packs,

Ps3 Slim
-Amazing High Definition
-Rechargeable controllers and light weight.
-Slim to be stored in tight spaces.
-250GB model.
-Internet Browser
-Matte look that doesn't make it nice like previous ps3.
-Online has less community therefore longer waiting periods between games.
-No mic comes with the system.
-Games have to be installed before playing into the hard drive.
-Not backwards compatible

Therefore i prefer the xbox 360 since i have both but xbox 360 wins my opinion.
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The Elite is said to be the least likely of the Xbox 360s to malfunction. Just to not risk it, I would still set the console horizontally.

I have a refurbished Xbox 360 (not Elite) that had its processors professionally re-welded. They get better heat transfer to the heatsinks than regular 360s. Look into them, they might cost you a bit more.

Last year I wouldn't have considered a PS3, but this year's E3 changed all that. I realized that all Playstation systems take a while (at least 18 months) to get a considerable amount of good games.

The graphics of the PS3 are somewhat better but I won't recommend the PS3 just for the graphics. It has great online and it's free unlike the Xbox.

But it's like this. Xbox came out strong at the start, but the PS3 takes more time to build its momentum. They're both great systems with a share of exclusives. I give a slight preference to the PS3 since it looks to have a longer lifespan.
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i love xbox and all the sweet games, but i would say overall the ps3 is better because of the blu ray, amazing high definition, etc...
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Thanks for the Feedback! I was almost persuaded to get a 360 but ps3 is just where it seems to be at for me. Thanks :)
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I would say look at what games you like to play. If you like FPS's and driving games, PS3 is your best bet.

If you want more RPGish or online gaming, 360 would suit you.

It's hard to decide, thy are both gaming greats. You'll have fun either way.
Personally I went for 360 solely for price.
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I think the 360 is better for the games, but Ps3 is better overall with Blue ray.
I went with 360 for the games and to play live with friends.
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If you want a system that can last a long time, and that's more reliable, the ps3 is definitely the choice for you. The biggest thing in my opinion is it offers a built-in wi-fi, which would cost you about 99.00 dollars as an add-on for the 360.

Here are some benefits as to being a ps3 onwner:

- Free online - Free is big and enough said, for me. PSN is turning out to be a match for the XBOX Live community by the day. You can also access "HOME" - A free online communitiy in which you are given a virtual home and the ability to socialize, meet new friends, discuss strategies in specific game-rooms, or play mini-games like bowling, poker, pool, chess, and many others. It now supports game-launching so you and your friends can lauch and play straight from "HOME."

- Network Capabilites
--->Internet Browser - There is an internet browser you can you use if you want to do things like check emails, stream internet videos, check the news, or even check social sites like myspace and facebook. Infact, I discovered this site while reading IGN comments on my TV.
--->"Life With Playstation" - Another free service in which you can view the Earth in "live" time, with real sunligth and cloud formations, all while checking out news all around the world. Accessing this will also get you in the "Folding @ Home" program in which you donate power for research just for turning on your ps3. Also, you can play your own music from your harddrive while using this program if you wish.
--->Media Servers - The ps3 can connect wirelessly to a media server-cability software from you computer such as Azure or Windows Media Player. Using this will allow you to stream music, photos, videos from your PCs' harddrive, all in wireless fashion.

Universial HDD - The ps3 uses universial 2.5 inch SATA HDDs, that is also used in laptops, giving you a wider choice on the day you decide to upgrade your HDD. As for the 360, only HDDs made for it are compatible, and they are pricey compared to some SATA HDDs on sale.

Blu-Ray - We are in the HD era, and nothing would set you up more ready for it than to have a blu-ray player. Blu-rays also gives developers an edge in developing games as it allows up to 50gig of data with dual layers, as compared to the 360's 9GB dvd. According to Cnet, the ps3 is still the best/fastest blu-ray player out there.

Reliablity - In terms of reliability, the ps3 is a far better choice. With the newly redesigned system, the ps3 is now even quiter, more energy efficient, and lighter/smaller, if it matters to you.

XMB Interface - This is only a personal preferance, but I really enjoy Sony's xmb interface. It's very simple to navigate through and very stylish in my opinion. You can also customize the icons and even dynamic backgrounds (interacting wallpaper) as you wish, as of now.

Games - Both system offers great games, so the only thing there is to compare are their exclusives. Some great exclusives you can buy with the 360 are Halo, Alan Wake, Left For Dead, Gears of War, Fable, Mass Effect, Forza and some others. As for the Ps3 exclusives, there are Metal Gear Solid 4, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Resistance Fall of Man, Gran Turismo, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet and Clank, White Knight Chronicles, God of War, and others as well.

Controllers - In terms of comfort, both depends on a person's preference. As for I, the ps3's controller suits me better. Other than that, the ps3 will let you charge the controller through a mini-usb, and offers a much longer lasting controller.

Blu-tooth ready - The ps3 is blu-tooth ready and can support up to seven blu-tooth devices such as headset, keyboard, mouse, or the ps3 controller itself.

The ps3 is a powerhouse and the above things I mentioned up top is only the start. I've experienced both system but for media capabilities, the ps3 is unmatch, and also in value. The 360 is a lesser value for what its worth but it does have great games to play and its robust Xbox Live add more to the experience.

Good luck with your choice.
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Go with the 360, I have all three and it sees the most of my gaming time

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