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Created: 2014-08-24 23:24:08
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Am I spamming?
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Mod Note: To keep this thread clean and clutter free from spam, follow these guidelines. These are based on how posters are currently misusing this thread.

Posting Guidelines

- Limit the amount of posts you make. If you want to share multiple offers, please edit a previous post if you've made one recently - Especially so if you're currently the last poster.

- Do not post surveys you've been approved for. Surveys are targeted based on your individual demographics and less likely be available for others to complete. (Usamp, etc)


Hello P2S users,

This forum topic was created as a means of sharing new, fresh offers

with one another found from all corners of the points2shop site. By doing this, other members can also take part in the money making process and essentially everybody is happy as we are all informed/informing one another on the hot offer of the day. So it's pretty self-explanatory, and i don't have much else to say except, know that not ALL offers are worldwide. Some may be limited to only US or UK or vise versa.

So it's pretty simple just comment :

1) The offer wall on which the offer can be found.

2) The offer name.

3) The payout of the offer.and

4) (optional) Maybe a screenshot of the offer approval, or simply a copy and paste of the approval message.

Oh, and 1 more thing I will be updating this forum topic (hopefully) everyday around 6 PM shoutbox time with new hot offers to check out. And please do comment your own offers you found deep in the offer walls.

I'll start us off..

Trialpay - (another GPT site that cannot be named, #You'llFindIt) - 900 Points ( Trialpay: 9dfff886 (13908397) 900 points )

Trialpay - Join PineCone Research Panel - 100 Points

Peanutlabs - Join Harris Poll Online - 66 Points ( Peanutlabs: Earn Great Rewards! Join Our Panel! (13949004) 66 points )

There's a good start :) 1,066 Points!! :greed:

Peanutlabs - Papa John's Gift Card - 68 Points ( Peanutlabs: Sign up to get your Papa Johns gift card! (13949737) 68 points )

Peanutlabs - Dove Samples Sign up - 39 Points ( Peanutlabs: Get your free Dove samples (13949814) 39 points )

Peanutlabs - VIP Voice Panel Sign up - 110 Points ( Peanutlabs: Share Your Opinion. Get Rewarded! (13950279) 110 points )

Trialpay - Top Card Picks- 50 Points ( Trialpay: 6c7b836f (13950507) 50 points )

Trialpay - Get Free Bitcoin! - 25 Points ( Trialpay: 42a35e04 (13958982) 25 points )

Trialpay - NFL Fantasy Football - 100 Points ( Trialpay: b0687946 (14015725) 100 points )

Trialpay - Join Consumer Opinion Insight - 50 Points ( Trialpay: a6a65362 (14640095) 50 points )

Internal Offer - MobileXpression - $5.00 ( )

Trialpay - Big 5 Sporting Goods Coupon Club - 25 Points ( Trialpay: ca7a93cd (15607218) 25 points )
2010-09-05 12:50:46 hey wazzup im PAL96 :)
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Videostripe found on radium one, if you have a card like a debit card, etc, costs 1.00 amount of points is 350

pine cone research on peanutlabs is worth 120 points

Radium One: Get Paid Cash For Sharing Your Opinion (13950477) 70 points
2010-10-15 18:16:20
This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.
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Everyone's probably already done this one buuuuut:

Trialpay-Hulu Trial-400 points

&You can use paypal. :D

Trialpay- Mintvine install extension - 75 points

Also, thanks for this topic!
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Hey - I've moved your topic to Surveys/Offers forum. =) I can see this one coming in handy.

Radium One: Get Paid Cash For Sharing Your Opinion (13950477) 70 pointsruecian23
It would help if you can edit your original post instead of making several if they're in a row, just to prevent this topic from becoming a cluttered mess of spam ;)
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Points2shop is my specialty
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All Peanutlabs -

Become a member of the Harris Poll Online and you will have the opportunity to influence important decision makers in government corporations and nonprofit organizations. You can help shape the policies products and services they offer you! - 102 pts

Help Support Medicare - 20 pts

Customized life insurance to fit your personal and business needs. - 30 pts

Unsubscriber is the simplest way to stop emails you dont want. Just move unwanted messages to the Unsubscribe folder and Unsubscriber takes care of the rest. Its a satisfying way to simplify your inbox. - 22 pts

We will find the right card offer for you regardless of your credit! - 64 pts

Help keep NFL games on FREE broadcast television. - 20 pts

Is your child destined to be like Fred Astaire Or are they more of a Barbara Streisand Find out here upload a picture of your future star for a chance to win 500 to JCPenney! - 22 pts
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Peanutlabs: Take the healthbeat survey and qualify for free offers. (13963595) 100 points
(Do the tiny survey, it'll direct you to a site with a airoptix ad. click the ad, sign up for the free trial.)
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Peanutlabs: Tips and information to help you live well despite the challenges of hepatitis C. (13967843) 25 points. It's a guide offer worth *25 points* You shouldn't miss it.
Rashid Frederick Alvarado
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Total posts: 44
Date of Birth: 1994-06-28
Total Earnings: $1191.79
*Get unsubscriber worth 16 points on radium one* Page 2
*Dailybreak Grapwine worth 15 points on radium one* Page 2
Rashid Frederick Alvarado

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