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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » My website needs help! Anyone like to help me get it off the ground?
Created: 2014-07-28 20:52:58
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Hi all

Well after a very long time away from p2s, I have managed to get the time to get back online, and start making a go of things again here.

I would have put this post in the referral section of the forum, but seeing as me website isn't really a referral one, I thought I would make my post here.

As I said before, I have a website, and really could use some help getting it off the ground, with a good number of active members. The site is based on The Simpsons, and if that is something that you enjoy, then maybe you might find my site quite fun. Even if you're not really into The Simpsons, it could still be a great place to hang out and keep in touch with your friends.

The site works in a similar way to Facebook, although there are some differences in the way it works, and the theme/layout. Everything is completely free to sign up to and use. We have no ads or any other annoying content. I just wanted to get that fact out there to let you know that this is not a website for generating any income, I set it up just as a bit of fun.

I hope that many of you fantastic p2s members will sign up, hopefully become regular users, and help my website grow and become a great place to be. Just look at what you have made here on p2s, a fantastic place! You never know, it could also become a great place to get referrals from!

You can find the website by clicking here, or if the link doesn't work, head over to

I look forward to seeing you there! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I would love to hear any comments or suggestions that you might have about the site.

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