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Created: 2014-07-11 22:10:13
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Whats a good gift to give a girl under 6 years old ?

I am really bad at picking out gifts for people and she has enough dolls already so I cant figure out anything.
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Crafting, Just in general anything that deals with creative work (from coloring to intense sculpting/designing and even cooking/baking), is interesting, and is always a safe bet, cause even if they do not like art at the time, they will find some use for it.
I'd suggest a Easy Bake oven (since when I was young at the time I wanted one of those) but, they've gotten smaller proportions over time (or it at least feels like that).

You also have things like a Build-A-Bear Workshop sewing kits (not really, it's very very thick tough string with a safe/dull almost yarn like needle so it won't get lost.) and it has holes for them to sew through so it makes the job easier. (I own a few of them currently but I can't find them- they're pretty durable and come with a few clothings/accessories).

There's also craft books like making pom-pom animals, or DIY boxes (go to any craft store, normally if you go to a wood isle there will be already built chests of the sorts and time to time they come with supplies to decorate it, but not always so you can choose paints, stickers, etc. for her to use).
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I am getting this for my cousin for Christmas. Check it out.
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I would suggest something based on her favorite cartoon character whether it's clothing, toys, play jewelry, etc. Hope this helps!
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6 year old girl? Mickey Mouse would be good.
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