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Created: 2014-05-14 22:48:32
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I'm not sure if Points2Shop already emails inactive members to try and entice them to come back but i think a "Send Nudge To Referral" feature could be cool.

How It Would Work
1) Referrers click a "Send Nudge" button (Can be pressed once every 30 days or 14 days)
2) Referral receives a email containing 5-10 recommended offers. (Could also include latest 3 proofs at the bottom).

Obviously to comply to marketing or whatever regulations if a user unsubscribes from emails or deletes their account then the button would disappear or become unusable.

I know we can send PM's to our referrals but i think this idea has potential. :)
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I have to say I honestly love this idea 10000%! :heart: :thumbup: Most of the time users never come back and don't have a good reason too! But if they had emails to remind them it would be a bonus for the site and the referrers!

You could perhaps even entice "new" UK & US members by showing them some rewards they can get with their sign up bonus they haven't yet spent. I know Agm has been updating's gallery with some new ones.
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I support this idea so much! Its about time that my refs try to come back and at least start earning a bit!
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Emails are already sent out to users who have been inactive awhile by admin. In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but honestly would probably cause issues with people reporting Points2shop emails as spam to their email provider. I believe only admin should have control over who their emails are being sent out to inactive users.

Oh, found admins response from a previous suggestion. Thought I'd seen it discussed before when it was first added -- A " we miss you" email for X days inactivity
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