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Created: 2014-04-29 14:14:44
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Does it ever happen to you that you get disqualified from a survey as soon as you fill out your demographics on Points2Shop or a partner profile?

If your answer is yes, then you should learn a few things about surveys and how to complete them more successfully.

Watch the video:

Or read the transcript below:

Surveys are a great way to earn a higher amount of points or cash within Points2Shop. All surveys that you see in your account are based on your demographic information, like age, gender, geographic location, interest and so on.

So, what are market research companies looking for?

Market research companies create targeted surveys in hopes of reaching specific demographics for their studies. If your profile or responses don’t meet the specific niche they are looking for, you will get screened out or disqualified from their survey. For example, if you are a 25 year old woman you would not qualify for a survey about cosmetics that is targeted towards women between the ages of 30 to 45. Or the target group could be gamers between 13 and 25 years that own an iPhone or maybe Android device and that like to play strategic games. Maybe you are a gamer between 13 and 25 with a mobile device but you like to play shooters. Then you’ll be disqualified from that survey.

Keep in mind – your responses are never right or wrong, you just have to answer truthfully and either you are the target group for that survey or you’re not. Also, your survey responses will not be collected, stored, or saved unless you are fully qualified and the survey is marked as completed or credited.
Surveys also work in real-time, meaning you can get disqualified or screened out or see the “closed” message at any point of the study.

Market research companies can also limit the number of respondents they want to participate in a specific survey. So if this limit is reached you will receive a "closed" message while opening it.
So, if you disqualify during a pre-screening for example, the reasons could be that you didn’t fit in the target group or the amount of respondents is already reached.

Are there any other reasons to get disqualified?

The answer is - yes. Another reason for disqualification might be that you answer questions too quickly or your answers didn’t match the information that you filled out in the profiles before. For example a different zip codes due to moving, other job functions or similar.

Please make sure to fill out all the profile information on Points2Shop and our survey partner’s walls correctly to avoid these kinds of errors from the start. If you have to change some of the information you can do this by opening a support ticket. Our Points2Shop team will be glad to help you!

There are surveys available for all ages and target groups and we try our best to provide you with new earning opportunities. So, check the survey area daily to see what’s available to you!
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Am I spamming?
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thank u
Santanu Sarangi
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This is great and it explains a lot.
It's not about wrong answers.
It's about are you what they are looking for
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this surely helps. :)
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very helpfull thanks
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THANKS, that's really helpful except that im always getting disqualified no mater what I do. Demographics don't help and I think that they should mention on their page of what and of whom the type they are looking for. It would be a lot easier for all of us if we knew what types of people, ages,races and all of that of whom they are looking for.
Thanks Again
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I hate when I fill out the whole survey then it tells me im not qualified. I have wasted so much time.
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Very helpful and accurate! Thank you for sharing!
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very helpfull thanks. Happens to me alot
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I believe this helps a lot but in a sense is kind of common sense :)

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