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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » What did you do on your FIRST DAY on the site?
Created: 2014-04-24 19:11:23
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I remember the first thing I did was attack the forums and post like crazy (not spam but I love message boards, as you can see.)

Then I downloaded the app and downloaded pretty much a bunch of random stuff for Points (I was on another money earning app before this one so I knew what to do)

But then I was confused on Surveys. Fortunately I got a helper (Hunter420.)

The only bad thing I remember on day 1 was that for Gold I thought we had to DO an offer that was 2 months old, so I was going to the last page of every survey page looking for old ones. My goal was to hit Gold on Day 1. :p

Noob. Lol.

How about you?
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I downloaded the p2s app and started getting money , i quit then then came back noticing that there is a site for p2s and not only an app
iMario999 | Was deleting my post necessary?
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every time i do a survey it gaves the result disqualified or over quota
Santanu Sarangi
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When i joined,there was no helper system,think only inhouse and trialpay for offer walls..i read the forum to fill brain with info..completed a offer,got credit and submitted my 1st order with sign up bonus..pair of apple earbuds for the is legendary history
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Well, since I came here through someone's coupon blog with the promise of free stuff, I tried to figure out what free stuff I wanted...then I was lured in further by realizing I could get better free stuff if I earned more points. (I've been addicted ever since not that it's been that long). Then I promptly looked around to see all of what the p2s has to offer. Then I played lots of TriPeaks Solitaire because I love cards games like that even though I wasn't making any points of free games. Then I realized a better use of my time was doing surveys.

The end
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well, i just smh, and what am i doing here, smh again, got my ios and download apps then download more....more..more...did a survey...then another and another, order the dollar, wish had known about H20, could had save 99 points, oh well.
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I can't remember.

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