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Created: 2009-08-29 21:54:59
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Why stop now?
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There are several major updates to the game section of which you should be aware.

Limited gameplay for new users
Users who have not yet ordered a prize to confirm their account (that is to say, New users who are not yet Bronze) are limited to 50 points of gameplay. This limitation is designed to prevent new users from squandering their 250 free points on games. This leaves at least 200 points free for ordering an item and verifying your account which unlocks not only games but additional site features as well.

New skill groups
The existing Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels have been expanded to promote better matches between skill levels and you may now fall in a different group. The skill levels are still based on the amount earned from games, but you should be better paired with users of your actual skill level.

Prize values
The prize values for tournaments have been decreased so that Points2Shop can fund future game development. We've had the same games for who knows how long and I'm sure everyone would like to see some new games!

Number Limbo will resume on Tuesday. Anyone who bought an entry for the jackpot will still have that entry on Tuesday. The jackpot is currently a little under 2000 points. (The release date for limbo was moved due to some issues encountered while testing this weekend)

Thank you to all the platinum users who helped test the games, a lot of minor and major issues were uncovered and resolved. Enjoy the games, hopefully there will be more to come soon!
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Thanks for all your great and hard work, fritter! :D
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thanks fritter
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the new skill levels dont work right because i was matched against two experts and a novice and i am a beginner. I lost 50 points for nothing :(
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thanks for all the updates, and hard work fritter!:D
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Why stop now?
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thanks for the hard work on the new site points2shop team :) We look forward to future developments.
Banners i made for points2shop :)
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Thanks for the update.
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Games still aren't working for me =(
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Nice Work, Everyone! Now they site is getting better.

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