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Created: 2009-08-29 19:02:06
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Are they working? I've gotten 5 new referrals, and none of them have completed offers or anything. I checked my Sent Messages, and it says I haven't sent any recently. Does this mean my referrals aren't getting the automatic message they're supposed to get from me? Or are they getting it and it's just not showing up in my sent folder?

I'm sure it's just a bug, but if the messages aren't being sent, then I'm just going to send them manually.

If anyone else is having this issue and knows whether it's just a display issue in the Sent box, or the automatic messages are really not working, let me know. Thanks.
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Maybe your referrals are just dumb craps? All of mine are lol...they don't do anything- even before the update
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Hmmm I never thought about this before you mentioned it. I just checked my sent messages and the last automated message that was sent to one of my referrals was on the 19th.

This might also explain why my referrals haven't been giving me full credit as they usually do. So I'm guessing that the messages aren't getting sent.
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the messages arent getting sent and i know this becuase i had 30 refs with absolutely no credit. i sent in a support ticked so message me in a week or so or il post here or on apes topic with what p2s say the problem is
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