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Created: 2009-08-17 23:09:01
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When I search for an item on points2shop, it doesn't show up, but when I search on amazon, it's there.
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What you Need to do is find what you want on amazon then copy the link in the address box then search for that here
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It's because everyone is having this problem. As to weather or not this is a problem on Amazon or p2s, I don't know. I'm sure it'll be fixed within the day though so just be patient.
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Try copying the ASIN code. Search Amazon for ASIN and you'll see the code. Or the URL has it too.

If you have tried that then there must be something going wrong :(

Looks like its Amazon's end may be wrong though =/ Its trying to pull a XML file which has a fault in it. So I'm guessing Amazon or the way they are extracting info from it :)

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Same here, looking up an ASIN comes up with "There was an error retrieving the merchants."
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thanks for the advice!
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yea send in a custom ticket if u need the url here it is
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This is under the wronf topic, but they will get it fixed just be patient.

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