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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Earn Points with Spin2Win
Created: 2014-01-26 07:38:07
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ADMINS: I think it would be great if we could earn points here and there with Spin2Win. It doesn't have to be much.

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All of the options on Spin2Win to be points wouldn't be a good option.
But one of all the things on S2W can be something like 5 points....
That'd be beneficial as getting merits from S2W and then winning the competition with them is not so probable...for many, they're just useless.
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ADMINS: I think it would be great if we could earn points here and there with Spin2Win. It doesn't have to be muchshoppper

They had this in the past and it got alot of complaints of the game been fixed since winning points clearly would have a lower rate of chance.

However, with the new system (we now have to earn 50 cents/points) before we have a chance of even playing spin2win then i would say this is something they should consider bringing it back.
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Great idea! Raising the amount of merits in Spin2Win would be a good idea as well.

Cheers, ILovePandaz
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Great idea!
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The prizes & the winning chances should be increase too. This will make members more active on P2S. After their hard work doing surveys, they know they can get more prizes.

So far, I only won 1.0 merits from Spin2Win. What a shame!
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Will never happen, we had it before, people complained it got removed. I'm almost certain that the same thing would happen again.

Why would Admin waste there time putting it back in only to get hundreds if not thousands of tickets complaining 'It's fixed, it never lets me get points' etc. only to take it down yet again?
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I know this topic is a couple months old but what about replacing the No Prize with more merit options seeing as how it takes so many merits any ways just to win a competition. I literally just had 5 out of 7 spins as No Prize and my other 2 were each just 1 merit. It aggravates a lot of members that struggle just to get enough points for spins and then have half if not more be a No Prize. I've brought it up in shout and it seems a lot of the higher level members think it could be a good fix to Spin2Win. Just my thoughts on the situation.
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Got close to play that I know so am off to play it now

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