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Points2Shop Forums » Support » Rules and Posting Guidelines - Read Before Posting
Created: 2014-01-21 14:35:19
UK moderator
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Rules - Read Before Posting

Welcome to the support forum! Get all the help you need right here, ask questions, read old ones, and check the sticky threads for quick & easy answers to your P2S Problems!

What can I post in here then?

As the forum description states, you may post topics about:

:check: Questions about P2S
:check: Problems that you are having with P2S and need help with

When Posting Do Not:

:x: Spam - Spam will not be tolerated at all, topics or posts deemed to be spam will be deleted, and if necessary further action will be taken. Only make topics that are relevant and meaningful, the same applies to comments with the addition of making sure they contribute to the topic and/or existing discussion. One/few word posts such as "Nice", "Cool", "Awesome" may also be considered spam .

:x: Topic Bump - Please don't bump old topics unnecessarily, even more so if you have nothing relevant or new to add to the existing discussion. In addition, please do not keep commenting on your topic to keep it at the top. Please refer to this topic for further elaboration on this issue.

:x: Be Rude or Inappropriate - This includes (but is not limited to) swearing, racism, discrimination or just general petty comments. Keep in mind that people's lifestyles & life choices may be different than yours, you may disagree with them, but be respectful and considerate of peoples feelings at all times. And please remember this is a family friendly site with people as young as 13 on here, so keep conversations clean and polite. Also refrain from discussion of illegal substances such as drugs in this forum.

:light: Remember: If a Moderator finds a member to be in violation of these rules then posts may be removed and the member warned. Members who repeatedly break the rules after warnings may face a ban.

Additional Rules for this forum:

Do Not:

:x: Include print screens or copy and paste's of your entire ticket history with an admin.
:x: Comment on topics that are already marked as resolved.
:x: Comment on topics and repeat what's already been said (even if not marked as resolved). E.g If someone has already answered a topic, there's no need for a string of people to repeat it.
:x: Don't post topics about offers, these will be moved to the offer discussion forum.
:x: Don't ask for people to "support you" by giving you points, items, giftcards or doing your offers and surveys.
:x: Don't post personal information or allow people to access your account in order to help you.
:x: Don't post a topic asking something if it has already been answered in a recent topic or stickied thread.

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