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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Lots of suggestions for the site and new acheivements
Created: 2014-01-11 15:17:14
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Hi been using the site for a while and just thought id add some suggestions:


Merits for referral impressions so people get a small reward even if people arnt joining.

Better info on referrals (I have a lot that say they joined from the P2S website)

Make a referral link that leads to the freebies page

UK Sweepstakes

More referral tools like new banners and widgets.

User added offers (This could be users uploading their websites for promotion and they could deposit 200 points into it for example and offer 1 points per person and once 200 people have clicked the offer is taken down or temporarily suspended)

The cash-back page on earn offers leads to 404 not found

Add a mute button on chat and the option to block people

More incentives to play the P2S RPG games (e.g. Achievements win a small amount of pionts)

More videos

Bitcoin Offers

More chat options (more emotions/options on what you want to display)

More one click offers

Rank of companies giving offers, how reliable they are and what they have paid out in total. (this allows users to see how popular/reliable they are)

More rewards for ELITE and Diamond members


More achievements e.g:

Number of impressions

Number of new user helped,

Make a team

Join a team

Totally complete profile (Demographics, info, avatar etc.)

Use a banner/widget

Happy birthday (Login on your birthday or P2S's birthday)

Amount in account (Reach an amount in your P2S without withdrawing e.g 5000 points)

Become a mod

Order official P2S merchandise

Reach a number of Buddies (E.g. 100/500/1000)

Position in contests (Finish top 50/10/5)

Play the P2S RPG game

Get a gold medal score on a game

Have your team win a contest


Maybe iv mentioned some stuff thats already in place but if you want to add anything add it on comments and let me know what you think.

Poll: What would you like to see on the site?

Bitcoin offers
More achievements
More info on offers
Better referral stats
More sweepstakes

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Merits for referral impressions so people get a small reward even if people arnt joining.
Won't happen since its pretty easy to bump up impressions.

More referral tools like new banners and widgets.
They recently added some new banners for referrals, but guess they could pimp up some of the older ones as some seem pretty tacky.

User added offers
From what i know anyone can add offers but you have to go through their advertising team/advertising website etc. But i think it would be a cool addition if they did it so members could use points to buy video views or web traffic. (Minimum would be at least 2 points per view/visit otherwise they wouldn't profit from it.)

More offers
They can only offer what is available to them, they can't just pull them out of thin air.

UK Sweepstakes
Last time i saw this mentioned, i think the response was something do with UK law or some legal jargon.. not sure.

List of new achievements
+ Number of impressions - too easy to bump up.
+ Number of new user helped - redundent since the stats are pretty useless since new members just click it for the fun of it or like a like button.
+ Become a mod - Too rare
+ Reach a number of Buddies - They have that already it stops at 5 i think, which is how it should stay because it promotes people just adding people for the merits.

+ All the others look good though.

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