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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Upload files from your PC
Created: 2014-01-03 19:43:27
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I kinda just noticed every time we want to post any image on the forums we have to use a web URL which means if we already have it on or computer or a flash drive we have to do the extra steps of uploading it to a file sharing site then copy it here. Why not have a way for us lazy people to upload our images directly from our PC. I also think it'll help lower the confusion for those, mainly the newer member, who are unsure and have some difficulties posting images on here and getting it to show up properly.

Poll: Should there be an option to upload image files from your PC


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Hey Abby,
I totally agree!
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That's a great idea! So much easier, would take much less time.
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Use hyperdesktop and screen region your image so it uploads to imgur.

^ alternative while this suggestion is pending.
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Nice idea.

It would seem possible since we can currently upload photos to the site when doing testimonials.

I'd imagine it depends on whether points2shop wants to allocate storage space for extra images.
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Yes, most forums have that.
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My guess is that they simply don't want to have to pay for storage.
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Yes, great idea! I was always thinking about that. It would totally make it easier to upload images and a lot faster!

Cheers, ILovePandaz
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that would be better

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