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Points2Shop Forums » Discussion » I'm sorry for what happened today.
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Created: 2009-08-04 00:08:31
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Ok, today around 5:30, I asked in the shoutbox who wanted 291 dollars and then started spamming bot. I shouldn't have done that, and I want to apologize to all the members, especially littlerose and darkninja for what I did. It wasn't because I wanted to, its just its so frustrating when you have that much money but no power to spend it after spending so much time trying to get it. Anyways, I'll try to go on like nothing happened, so my bad for what happened today. I also donated all my merits to my team because at that point, I was seriously ready to quit...That won't happen again, and I really hope I get to keep my account. Thanks everyone, and sorry about what happened.
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I forgive you.
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bballbeast76 there are many members who have account issues and throw caution to the wind and loose the plot but we all say it. Be patient and things can be worked out.
I think that you have said sorry and i am sure when they look at what ever your problem is it will probably get sorted out so stick with it and just wait.
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exactly wht gedney said ;)
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I wasn't there, but i forgive you :D
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I too wasn't there... but i forgive you. :D
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To be fair, alright, you did something wrong, but at least you are big enough to say sorry and to own up to it unlike these other users.
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yea man its cool we all flip out at one point in our lives it's cool im sure they'll forgive you
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Thats very mature of you!

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