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Created: 2013-10-11 00:13:16
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As stated above i noticed some minor changes when i came back as i have weeks were i just cant get on here at all.
The RPG Seems to have changed.
Heading to get the army boots i noticed the price had changed to 10350G?
And the other higher level stuff has changed too. Price and level requirement.
Whats going on?
What other things have changed? New enemies? Better levels?
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So far, it seems just a few items. Admittingly, I had to readjust my routine, but I think I've figured out a new one already. There's plus and minus to the new change.


The leaderboards look really neat now. I assume we no longer get merit boosts for drop items?


I think this game got a lot easier... I'm not sure yet but it's a game changer if true.


Pix now drops combat knive
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Not easier, monsters are stronger now, weapons are weaker than before and armor is 16 lvl+ meaning you suck for most of game.
Game would be fine if monsters went back to being weaker than now,to way they were before.


Here is specifically what i noticed to be troublesome, weapons do have more durability but due to lower damage that durability might as well be half less than now and another side effect is that you need more hits to kill monster meaning you get hit more, not to mention weapons actually last less than before.


They got higher lvl requirement now also appear to be nerfed slightly.


Military boots are way overpriced.

Monsters are definitely much stronger,I can kill higher level than me player, but cant kill some lower level monsters without almost dying and I use katana.

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