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Created: 2013-10-10 20:19:39
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Getting Chatty
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I voted no, 1) because I'm sure people prefer their privacy and would feel weird about that being seen :p and 2) because it's not a social network site so the feature isn't really necessary.
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Why stop now?
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It's quite unnecessary, takes extra work to implement, and some social networks don't even have this feature, so it wouldn't be very essential for Points2shop to have.
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Am I spamming?
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yeah no need of it!
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Well, we're not a dating website so I don't think it's necessary :p
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Well, we're not a dating website so I don't think it's necessaryStijn1234

Haha good one!
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Voted No, While Points2shop is a online community it certainly is not a social network / dating site. So would serve no purpose what so ever..

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