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Points2Shop Forums » Support » different ip addresses? [resolved]
Created: 2009-07-28 14:33:30
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So i have a wireless router and i can use the internet on the ipod touch.(of course) If I sign in on the ipod will i get banned for signing into 2 ip addresses?
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well, going by the principal of sharing IPs, yes it would be fine since you are logging in via wifi on your router im suspecting? HOWEVER, I have seen a few people say they are red flagged because of a ipod touch. I'm not sure how accurate they were being.

TBH, iPod touches are only gonna bring you trouble, theres not much you can do on them, and playing games is against the rules with them. I wouldn't risk it if I were you.
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Yeah, I was wondering the same thing because I wanted to connect using my iPhone but I don't plan to play games (since I already suck at them because every expert and intermediate kicks my butt these days) and I wanted to only check my points from my daily offers. So this is a bad idea if we just check our points?
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I think it's because phones and other devices besides a computer (Which you can enable) use Proxies. Proxy is prohibited here in P2S.
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A phone only uses a proxy if you're connecting to the phone's own network. If it's via wifi on your own home connection, then it is perfectly allowed - I've connected via a PSP and an itouch at home, it's fine.
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