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Created: 2013-08-10 02:34:00
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By participating in the tasks, you will be given the opportunity to earn credit. There are two types of tasks you can complete to earn credit: Surveys and Offers.

Surveys are a free opportunity to provide information about your habits and opinions to make products better, for each completion you will earn free credits. Researchers all over the world are looking for answers to their questions from different types of people. Survey partners do their best to match you with the correct survey so you have to complete your profile on p2s, peanutlabs and usamp to unlock your opportunities. Some researchers are looking for specific people to complete some studies; it is possible that you may be disqualified from a survey based on your honest answers. There are new surveys available daily and we try our best to give you daily credit earning opportunities.

There are a variety of offers that you can complete to earn credit. Many of these are free and include watching videos, clicking on links to view websites, signing up to receive samples or free trials, and others are paid and require you to purchase a good or service. To complete a free offer, please read and follow the directions carefully and wait patiently for your credit as some free offers take longer to process than others. To complete a paid offer, make a purchase and wait for this purchase to be finalized to earn credit. Credit cards are usually required for paid offers, and the amount will be credited to your account shortly after the purchase is confirmed by the seller, while free offers require no purchase at all.

Best Practices
Please read the instructions carefully for all offers and surveys. How will this help you earn more credit? When taking surveys, if you answer questions too quickly or show signs of being dishonest or you may be disqualified from the survey. For offers, make sure you follow all of the instructions and supply valid information to ensure that you complete the offer and earn credit.

We also want to give you a little background on how market research works and why it is normal to screen out or disqualify from a survey. Market researchers administer surveys to users via Peanut Labs, Points2shop or usamp in hopes of reaching specific demographics of people for their studies. If your profile or responses do not meet the specific niche they are looking for, you will get screened out or disqualified from the survey.

Researchers tend to look at many different user traits to determine who fits their current study; this could include age, geographic location, gender, interests, products you've recently bought, how big your family is, ethnicity, previous health conditions, religious beliefs, etc. depending on their needs.

We want to be clear that if you were ever screened out due to religious beliefs, age, gender, or ethnicity it is never for discriminatory reasons. For example, a Christian based dating site is not going to need responses from those that practice Islam, Judaism or other religions since that would not fit their target audience of possible customers.

Consider another example; an online company that specializes in clothing for men in their twenties is not going to want responses from users outside of that age range since they would not fit into their business model. On the same note, this company would not need to receive feedback from female users since they do not sell clothes geared towards women.

We hope these examples gave you a better understanding as to why you might have been disqualified from a survey that you considered discriminatory.

Market researchers can also limit the number of respondents they want to participate in a specific survey, so if this threshold is reached you will receive a "closed" message when attempting to open it.

Surveys also work in real time, meaning you can get disqualified/screened out or see the “closed” message at any point of the study. Keep in mind your responses are never collected, stored, or saved unless you are fully qualified and the survey is marked as credited.

Note that some research companies will give users a small amount of points for attempting a survey, but this is not a requirement and not every researcher does this. Moving forward, please expect to be screened out of studies as this is a natural part of the market research process. We hope this information clarified some concerns and questions you had about the survey taking process.
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Nice post and good info for everyone! Concise and lays out what needs to be done for both. Thanks for posting this!
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Bro I got only one survey available when I start it

IT SHOWS unfortunately.............
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not qualified for survei :( :(
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Thanks alot

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