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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » A note about adding new gift cards
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Created: 2013-08-03 15:22:14
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I know many of you suggest gift cards and sometimes feel the admin team is ignoring your requests. I just wanted to point out a few things why we're fairly conservative with adding new GC's:

UK/CA/International Gift Cards
Since we don't have too many options for international members, adding more sounds like a no brainer, right? Unfortunately it's not that easy. We face many challenges here. For example, most international websites (that includes UK sites) don't accept international customers., for example, cancels every order we place automatically because we have no UK billing address and pay with an US credit card. We usually have to contact them trough email and whatever to get manual approval, but this can take days and hours and hours of time. Most other UK sites don't accept us as a customer at all. International orders also often cause our BoA (Bank of America) cards to be blocked because BoA thinks there's fraud at play (their security systems doesn't understand why someone in the US buys at international sites and flags the transactions as fraud). These security checks cannot be disabled. Last but not least, there are also sites like that don't mind us as a customer, but their banks don't accept international creditcards. for example only allows credit cards issues in Asia. To open bank accounts all over the world isn't really a viable options, as this is disaster for our accountants (and will therefore cost us more money).

Surely, we're always trying to contact the right people to work around these issues. We try to find the appropriate contact all the time, but it's a slow process and very time consuming so not something we want to do every day.

US Gift Cards
New US cards are being suggested here on a daily base as well. It's important to know though that we have specific workflows in place for admins to be able to handle GC orders fast and efficient. It's really complicated and time consuming to train admins to use dozens of sites and drive to stores to get giftcards. Every site has it's own challenges. Some don't allow you to use another shipping address on your 2nd order, some block you if you order too often, some trigger a block at BoA etc. The more sites or stores we buy at, the more often we have issues. These issues are only worth solving if there are many orders. If we have to spend hours and hours to buy one gift cards per month, it's not worth our time.

In regards to our US credit cards, they are already getting blocked every other day. This usually takes about 30 minutes to resolve each time. While this happens, other orders could possible fail and have to be placed again. We rather don't want to make this a daily job as it causes major issues. Therefore we like to keep the possible vendors at a minimum. To keep these at a minimum, we only add new gift cards if there is a critical mass. A few gift cards each month doesn't cut it. As you might understand it's much easier to buy at 10 sites rather than 100 sites. Any new site could trigger a security block at BoA.

There are also often requests for cards that are only available as physical cards. We tried adding these in the past, but had to ask for a fee to cover shipping costs. Usually, when this was required, members showed no interest, as there are options available trough P2S that require no shipping and people prefer those. Almost every single time we added physical gift cards, we found that no-one ordered them at all.

Lower or higher denominations GC's
We sometimes get requests for lower or higher denominations. Although this sounds like a no-brainer as well, it's actually fairly complicated. There are many things at play here. First of all, lower denominations means more orders. Imagine we would add the 400 xbox points rather than the 800 xbox points as a minimum. This would effectively double our orders (as most people always order the lowest denomination). This means we need to buy twice as many codes, we have twice as many orders to process, twice as many possible order issues (codes not working etc). It basically means we have to hire twice as many administrators, which obviously would cost a significant amount of money (which means less money to give away to members).

Higher denominations are a little easier to add, but still costs more time for admins. If we currently only have the $20 value of a GC, and add the $50 value, we need to make sure we have the $50 in stock. This basically means we have to keep a much higher inventory at the office (which increases liability). Managing the inventory takes time too. If we visit a store to buy $20 cards, but the $50 ones are out of stock, this means we have to visit another store to buy the $50 ones. You'd be surprised how often this happens. The FB gift cards are a good example. Pretty much every store has inventory for the $15 one, but the $10 one is very rare. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, they all have the $15 one, but not the $10 one. This means we have to visit specific stores just to get the $10 one, and other stores for the $15 ones.

Even though adding cards isn't easy, we do continuously increase our gift card inventory. We generally add cards when we notice the demand within the community is serious enough to justify adding it. Therefore we generally ask people to post these card suggestions on this forum so we can see how many people want it to be added. A few votes won't cut it though, but we had situations where about 50 people voted a card to be added. In these cases we generally decide to add it.

We will also continue to try and build relationships with companies that can more easily provide us with large orders of Gift Cards in an easy and efficient manner.

We're also exploring if we can add Gas and Mobile gift cards, both for US as well as international members.

Hopefully this will clear some things up! :-) It's not like we don't want to add new GC's, it's just a lot more complicated than it appears to be.
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Thanks for this!
herro mah name ish bob.
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Great,thanks for the info..the fuel cards would be a great addition for members,as we all know fuel wont get any cheaper.
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Mobile gift cards it an awesome idea please implement that we will get benifitted
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I see the difficulties. Although i would like to still suggest some type of gift card for charity, such as justgive or tisbest(includes international) org so you could just buy the giftcard and give to the charity of your choice. Some of my favored causes are not present on the donation area of this site.
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Thanks for the info. I am wondering whether it is possible for me to buy an American iTunes card with my points because i am from the UK. I have access to an American iTunes account so that is not a problem. I just need a way to buy an American one because it doesnt list them for me if i am from UK. The reason for this, is because i am trying to complete an in-App purchase so it doesnt matter which iTunes card i use. Any help on how i could do this is greatly appreciated.
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I can see the difficulty. Especially since some gift cards charge a processing fee to purchase them. I've brought some on my own in the past and know this for a fact. But one good idea might be adding a visa gift card in the gift cards area. Because that way people can use it almost anywhere visa cards are accepted and not be limited to just one place. Its just an idea though. Other people may agree with me at that end.
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:o ok .. thanks for the information .. and by any chance international members can get to redeem GC directly from this site as we are not allowed to buy one but many countries like India can buy from [not the .in but using GC we can order from .com also] .. so it is possible for us to get amazon GCs for ordering directly via here ?

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Thanks for informing us, and hope there will be a way around this.
This post has not been deleted.
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mat sir .. this is what i got the reply from flipkart for USA CC/ DC for ordering
""" Hello,

Thank you for your interest in us.

We would like to inform you that we accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express credit/debit cards issued by banks in India and in the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Hope this information was helpful.

Customer Support """

so why not try ordering a product or a GC from flipkart ? and do tell what happens while ordering .. and Note : Flipkart Ships only to INDIA not globally :)

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