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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Add an Option to unsubscribe from "New SSI Survey" Emails
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Created: 2013-07-17 18:02:13
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About once a day we get an email that there is a new SSI survey available. Its kind of annoying, I consider it spam! I understand that a lot of people love SSI but we all shouldn't have to get emails about it. If a lot of ppl like something that doesn't mean we all have submit to it. Please create an option to remove ourselves from those emails.

Matjong told me if enough people say they dont like it either they can change something. So guys please voice your opinions on the matter!

Thanks bunches guys!

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UK moderator
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Got my vote xD I can't do them so it depresses me seeing how many earning potentials I'm missing out out :(
UK elite
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You have mt vote. :)
Yay. Welcome to Elite. Next target Diamond.
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Would love to see the notifications and the PM gone. Or an option to disable at least :)
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I actually prefer receiving them, because I don't get as many from the SSI or Toluna. But I support the idea to have an option to opt in or out from these offer walls. :) Voted yes. Good luck with your suggestion.
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I agree. I get a bunch of these emails everyday from SSI... and they don't work for me!

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Bammm Voted!
US (CA) platinum
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I don't mind personally but everyone else should be given the option to do so if they so choose so you got my vote
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i never gotten an email...
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i never gotten an email...Mashbot

It's not exactly an email, but an automated admin message sent to your inbox on P2S.

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