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Created: 2009-07-18 14:57:05
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I was just wondering how long it took for the stuff you ordered to take. I ordered a movie a few days ago and it still states pending when I checked the one I bought on Amazon and it said it only took 24 hours for delivery.
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haha, idk. you just have to wait.
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you have to wait for the order to be approved first of all. which can take several business days, and they dont approve them over weekends. then it can take... between a day or two and a week to get sent the actual item
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I would say it usually takes between 2-5 business days (no weekends)
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^^dogs right, but sometimes it can stall for about 7 days
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It took 2 business days for them to accept/deny my order...they denied it because they said I changed my address lol. Which I didn't do. But hopefully they'll approve it this time. I responded to the denial and explained that it was a I should get approved.
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It took mine almost 3 days to accept my order. When it will get here is what I'll have to wait and see. Excited though. :p But you'll just have to be patient for now. Once it accepts, you'll see a new message at the top right under your username.
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They get approved around 4 days. Not including the weekend cuz they dont work on weekends. Then about a wee for the prize to get to your house. Thats based on what happened to me.

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