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Created: 2009-07-17 18:43:04
US (TX) admin
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Take the cashle logo and turn it into your own work of art. I don't mind if you save the logo and add onto it or just completely change the game and make your very own. * Just make sure Cashle is somewhere in the logo.


You can only make 1 graphic, And please don't make a whole page size type of a graphic ours is just like a contact card size so i expect nothing bigger than a photo size type, but doesn't mean your out of the contest if you do just what I prefer.
Contest will be up until I think it's time to take down and decide the winner.

If you comment on a design then make sure it's only one comment every five post. If not your comment will be marked as spam, and your design out of the contest.

Then after Contest I will judge to see who I think is the best in my opinion (Which is weird at times)

Requirements: Photoshop Skills, anythings can go except naked pics, obscene pics,and inappropriate pics. You can put anything else otherwise for your version of the logo, you can change the font type, background, however u please of the logo in your own image.

All questions should be sent via message and NOT in this forum

Reward: One winner 1000 points

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Okaiii Goise lets doo this :D
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oh come one! I suggested this so we shoould totally give some poitns to me LOL JK
LooLooLoo I got some Apples
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Hopefully this one goes better than last time. :)
This post has been deleted.
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Hope this works.

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Am I spamming?
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Thatsz awsome :p
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Here is my entry.

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Heres Mine :

there :p
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