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Created: 2013-06-23 14:31:55
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I have noticed a lot of new users who are looking for the quick points to order XBOX/PSN/Steam cards (And asking users for points/cash on the shout is useless unless you are Gold or above), I have decided to help you with the proper use of the biggest point listings on this site.

First off, and this is the most important thing about the SponsorPay and TrialPay walls. Most of these offers are based on a pay or free-trial basis, and most of them will require a credit card to use. If you are under 16, there will be a lot fewer options available to you to do on these walls. But don't fear there are ways for you to boost your earnings as well.

The SponsorPay wall

These are specific offers that pay for signing up to a service or product. But, there are some catches. First of all these offers are most download or survey company offers. The survey company offers require you to sign up to the survey company and complete one survey before you get credited (mostly valued between 50 and 113 points). This is good way for new users to understand how to properly take a survey and opens the door to earnings for the survey from USamp and SSI. Practice makes perfect and this is an easy for new users to earn quick boosts to their point total. The second part of the SponsorPay are the downloads portion, this requires you to download and install software to your computer. While most (and the keyword is most) of the download are safe, some of them do download Ad-based programs and toolbars to your computer. (These offers range from 25 to 80 points.) If you want to be safe, you should use a buffer program to download the software safely and earn your points. (Search the forum to find the software and links to download). The third type of offer on SponsorPay are the pure free offers, these offers usually required to view information about a medical disorder or view a video. These types of offers are true quick pay offers, view the video in its entirety or scroll through the medical explanation about the disorder and they usually reward within 15 minutes. (These are usually 1 or 2 points, but sometimes a 4 pointer will show up.)

The TrialPay wall

The TrialPay wall is similar to the SponsorPay wall except the points for the offers range from 1 point to 4,320 points!!!!! This is a great way to earn quick points but there are some limitations. First off all, these offers are from trial usages of a product/service - unlike SponsorPay; most of these offers will require a credit card to get the points (BOO!!!!!!!).

SponsorPay offers are based on purchases and should be done if and only if it is a good deal for the member. Here are two examples of a good deal and a bad deal.

Example #1. The GameFly offer on TrialPay requires you to pay $5.95 upfront for a new GameFly membership (this is good for Gamers). But the offer pays off 1,200 points once you complete the payment. Therefore you pay $5.95 and get back 1,200 points (or $12) - that is an actual profit of 6.05 or 605 points. And if you don't like GameFly, cancel it before the end of trial period of one month and enjoy the points.

Example #2. The DisneyDVD Club Offer on TrialPay tells you that can receive 3 Disney BlueRay DVDs for 1.99 each and receive 1,200 points. But, there is a subtle difference - once upon the site when you sign up, it tells you to join the DVD club ... you must pay 22.99 upfront. This means you pay $28.96 upfront and receive 1,200 points (or $12). This is an actual $16.96 loss, but over time after the $22.99 up front payment the offer actually does pay for itself. So buyer beware.

These examples show that one thing is very important, do the math before you do the offer. If the offer has immediate plus or profit benefit - then do it.

But, there is hope to you new users who are under <16 without a credit card of your own (unless you are Richie Rich, and if you are - you should be on this site) - Certain offers allow a parent to sign up for you. The GameFly offer is the best example of this. Certain offers do allow prepaid cards to be used to complete them but check in the forums or with the company before doing them.

The Radium or MATOMY wall

Okay of the three quick earn walls, these two are the riskiest on the bunch. The offers on this wall range from videos, surveys, and downloads (points value varies from 2 to 600). The risk here is some of these offers will not pay you without some work and proof. When completing these offers, there are some steps you can follow to ensure your credit from these companies.

1) Take a screenshot when you completed the offer (on PC is Ctrl + PrintScreen). This will assist you when a credit is not issued, by showing proof of true completion.

2) Save E-mails from the offer company, most offers on these wall will send you an e-mail (that may land in the Junk pile of you e-mail). Save that e-mail - IT IS PROOF YOU COMPLETED THE OFFER. If you have problem with crediting this will be your best weapon to get your points.

3) Avoid any download/install offers, unless you have virus/spyware protection and/or a buffer software to allow you to download software safely. Most of the download/install offers on those pages have Adware and that stinks.

Well, I hope this assist the new people to Points2Shop in their earning goals. Just remember a little knowledge will help you greatly here.
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Good job, nice detail. I hope people appreciate it :p
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Very helpful.
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Thanks 4 d info
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