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Points2Shop Forums » Bugs » new offers page - survey approved but no points
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Created: 2013-06-18 10:39:18
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I'm just wondering if this is some kind of bug, i did my 1st survey since the offer page change, a short time later checked the completed offers page and it says approved but no points were received. It was for 165 points, also when i click the offer not long after it supposedly approved it says you have received credit for completing this offer and it has reached it's sign up cap.

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Someone else had the same issue with a federated sample survey approving at 0.00 so might be a error in the database for certain surveys
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that happened to me aswell completed a fed samp for 160 points gone into completed offers and it says diqualified but got approved for another survey but got 0 points what a waste of 30min was not happy
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Had that happen to me a few weeks ago. Started on a ~500 point federated survey and it routed me through to a health survey that I completed and was rewarded with...a big fat zero.

I see it is still happening to others and people are still being credited with the health survey (which is here ) as the last time I looked, it was at 2 people that completed it.
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Same thing happened to me, completed a Federatedsample survey, on the offer status it says approved but the value given was 0 points, wonder what's going on :|
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Happened to me either :(
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Yeah, It's a bug in federated system. We have already disabled all zero payout federated surveys from our wall (for example link of Health-Survey that member tielknight posted is not active) but still Federated keeps routing members (when they are disqualified) to surveys which has zero payout. It should not be happening and we have already informed federated about it 2 weeks ago, hopefully they will fix it soon.
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It's fixed I think, some people got delayed credits, but other than that it should be fine now
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It isn't fixed. I just got a survey approved for 0 points.
I just completed this survey and see that it says it's no longer active on P2S yet I was able to complete it...
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I got a survey approved for 50 points but the offer said 160

2010-06-01 19:15:04

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