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Created: 2013-06-08 19:55:18
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Hi guys, I got a problem.
I did the crowdflower task a couple of times but I didn't received any money on point2shop.
When I log in at crowdflower it says : Earnings (from September 1st, 2012)
Points To Shop
1.34 USD
But I never saw this money on my point2shop account, do anybody knows anything about this task and how I get my money?

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I have never had this problem with crowdflower however it pays out after you complete 12 tasks.
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Hi, you are probably best contacting Crowdflower themselves through the Support option on this site, and make sure to include your Contributor ID number. In my experience they have always replied to any issues I have had in a couple of days at most.

Hope this helps :)
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I have never had this problem with crowdflower however it pays out after you complete 12 tasks.marekwolan

It doesn't have to be 12 tasks. Just 12 cents would do, regardless of the number of tasks done to accumulate that amount.
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Maybe you did not do the task right or maybe you need to earn up to 12 cents to get the full payout.
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Listen if the task pay you less than 6 cent, you have to accumulate up to 12 cent at least to see it in your account, it takes barely 1 to 2 minutes to show up in your account.

Now if you unable gather 12 cent by doing the task and task is over or say " The task is nearly completed " don't worry, when you complete different task your previously earned part will be added with your the current earning.

Enjoy points2shop . :)
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thank you for the info avik2191
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I just saw this & i hope you've figured it out, but i noticed myself i was getting approval for each grouping from p2sn but not paid 4 it, if that makes since, until i realixed i want hitting "give up" each time when i stopped 4 the day....

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