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Points2Shop Forums » Discussion » Why can you hide your stats?
Created: 2013-05-21 01:45:06
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I would think that people would want to show off about how much they've earned, or how many referrals they've gotten or prizes they've redeemed. I can understand hiding merits for competitions, but I don't get why people hide other stats.
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Am I spamming?
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cause u get people asking for your points, or how do u get refs the list goes on and on lol
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Why stop now?
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Other users keep asking plenty of stuff, and the "other stats" category comes with that box of miscellaneous stats like earnings, country, forum posts, games, etc...some people would rather not have it show on their profile :)
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I hide my stats because i get new members asking for points, as i am a higher level.
Yay. Welcome to Elite. Next target Diamond.
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Why stop now?
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I hide my stats due to beggers ive had alot of platinum spamming me lately aswell so i only accept elite + as friends its pathetic,
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