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Created: 2013-05-11 01:02:07
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I fully understand that the promotional offer for SSI at this point in time is every 5 you complete you will be awarded an extra dollar (100 points) my question is.....lets say i want to earn $2.00 (200 points) can I complete 6 in one day and 4 in the next or would i have to complete them in groups of 5 per day? If anyone understand that I would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance :D
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Any 5 is good, u can complete 4 one day then 1 the next day and still get the bonus
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any time over the 7 day period
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Since the bonus will be added after the promotional period is over I should think completing them any day will work :)
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OK that is three people saying the same thing and it is what i thought as well was just trying to check and make sure before i put all that hard work $1.05 for platinum!!! WOOOHOOOOO
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