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Created: 2013-04-18 11:04:24
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After a few weeks of playing this game i've started to work out how it's laid out and how the progression to the million point stands work.

What i find it lacks personally, is Quests.
Were as you start off with a fair few quests to gain XP later on in the game the only quests you seem to have clogged up are the wasteland bandit ones. as the creature quests are easy to do.
There should also be Quests that provide Gold rewards aswell since there is one mission right at the start that provides the player with a small amount of gold.

What i suggest is a host of new quests which i would quite happily think of and imply.
For example.

At level 15
The Lone Warrior
Defeat 10 Lost Soldiers
Reward 3500 XP

At level 5
Hopping Madness
Defeat 100 Frogs
Reward 1000 XP 500G
(Same for other Creatures except Bandit and Lost Soldier)

At level 11
Tooth and Scale
Receive 5 Snake Skin and Tooth from Defeated Snakes
Reward 1000G
(Same for other Animal Drops)

I have plenty of other ideas for these kinds of quests but i've noticed my topics for this game havent been to successful so if my ideas for quests interests then i will be happy to provide more.

Plus there really does need to be a place to sell Wolf teeth and Lizard Skin!
So my suggestion is Wolf Teeth to be sold at 1x15 shop would be called Midnight Howl
And for lizard Skin simply another Poachers shop at 0x20

I'll leave it there dont want to overdo it hah :)
What do you guys think?
Btw i know i spelt Suggestions wrong in the title sorry about that!
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I agree :p
This post has not been deleted.
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Personally, unless the game is updated, we don't really need anymore quests. As of now, killing enemies is good enough.

The game is still in the beta stage so keep it up with the suggestions.

My personal suggestions:

Bank: It would be nice if we could put gold in some kind of banking place so we don't always have to carry all of them with us.

Buying items: I'd like the ability to buy a set of item all at once for a specific amount. When we choose to buy something, it should ask us how many we want to buy. The way it works now, we have to buy things like energy drinks 1 by 1. It's not a big deal, but it will surely make it more streamline. PLus every RPG game does this!

Better enemy distribution: Right now, there are too many low levels enemies in the grids. There needs to be more mid 20s spread throughout as things will only get more cluttered the more players we have. It's growing everyday. Also, there could be some higher level lost soldiers.

Marketplace: This needs to be fixed. Right now, when you sell something for gold in the marketplace, you don't actually get the gold when you've sold it to someone.

Stats Display: There are some hidden stats that needs to be shown to us. Few examples are defend, dodge, recovery rate, reflect, and the counter chance stat.

That's it... for now.
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For better enemy distribution i would suggest enemy levels should be compare to our levels and certain areas for certain levels.
Outer part 16-30
Far outer part 31 and up

Of course the monsters should correspond with out level
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What they said haha :)
And from that day forward, My arm changed.. and a voice echoed, 'Power.... Give Me More.... Power...' and if i must become a Demon then so be it, I'll endure the exile, anything to protect her.
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There needs to be a shield with 10,000 durability like the katana -.-
Mine gets used up in like 30 seconds and cause of that i do not even bother putting anything in both hands anymore unless its duel katanas to kill other players with lol

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