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Created: 2009-07-07 19:41:41
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I was thinking we should change the end of games to say "Game Open: opponent not found" instead of the current opponent still playing. Many people ask "why is the game still open? Why do they get to keep playing? I think it would help avoid confusion about waiting for opponents within the games.
This post has been deleted.
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Why stop now?
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I agree, that's a great idea and would help users to know the status of their games.
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i yhink it a great idea because people are always askin about y they didnt get there points.
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I think its good, but it doesnt really matter. they mean the same thing
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i think the site admins should be worrying about different things instead of changing the language used on the site
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I like your intentions, but their not gonna read it any way you do it, their not gonna read it if it is in red, and people are just stubborn like that, but I mean I like the idea, it really can't hurt at all.
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sound like a great game
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Sounds awesome
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Yeah, then you don't get everybody complaining that they've been waiting for somebody to complete a game for 2 hours lol

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