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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Remake of P2S logo!!!!Cash contest
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Created: 2009-07-06 16:54:11
US (TX) admin
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Objective: Take the Points 2 Shop logo and turn it into your own work of art.
Doesn't mean u have to save the p2s logo, just mean that you must create your own. The best graphic wins.

Rules: You can only make 1 graphic, And please dont make a whole page size type of a graphic ours is just like a contact card size so i expect nothing bigger than a photo size type, but doesn't mean your out of the contest if you do just what we prefer.
Contest will be up for a full 24hours, meaning it will close same time tomorrow to give everyone a chance to play as well take there time to enjoy being creative.

Then after Contest will be judged between myself and cloudtragik for the winner, which will be announced shortly afterwards.
Requirements: Photoshop Skills, anythings can go except naked pics, obscene pics,and inappropriate pics. You can put anything else otherwise for your version of the logo, you can change the font type, background, however u please of the logo in your own image.

Example: Agm1992 luv's Stargate, so they make a Photoshop of the Stargate itself opening up and whats this the p2s logo is coming out in a monster type looking font. (Use your imagination people lol)

Contest is hosted by cloudtragik and cmw1612

reward is 1000 points
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I'm in, sounds like fun. :)
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Wow 24 hours to make something in PS, better get started lmao XD
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Awesome. Im a pretty good graphic designer so i guess i will try!
My idea is pretty straight forward at the moment...and i think its pretty good...just lets see how it ends i post the image as a reply to this post?
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i accept your challenge
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im in for 1000 points :D
hi. :)
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Can we use the cashle logo?
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Hmmmmmm, I know i have something I had drawn, but i dont know photoshop at all lol
This post has been deleted.
US (TX) admin
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Guys get going cause I really would like to see whats out there

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