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Created: 2013-03-21 17:12:49
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So a few people on here know I had been saving and working hard towards a goal. Being an international member, (from outside US/UK) it was very challenging to achieve it, but with help of a little luck, dedication and generous members of Points 2 Shop, I would like share my reward. After five months of saving (from the month of November to March) I have finally received my goal.


A huge thank you to my friend Chelsea for her help and support in earning this, it was a rather large and costly goal but she helped me make it and I am thankful for her help so much. Thanks o every one else who had donated, whether it was 10 points or 100, and helped me with this goal. Chevychic255, MagicCaramel and Devilkitty deserve some credit for telling me to stick with it and not letting me give up at times when I wanted to, so thanks to all who have donated and once I get to know her a little better I will upload a video of me playing something for you guys. Thanks so much every one. :) Shes a beauty and sounds and feels inexplicably well, if you guys could only see how wide my eyes were and how red my face was when I picked her up for the first time :)

If I can do it - so can you! Best of luck to everyone and their goals.
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Way to go..enjoy it :)
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Awww, I'm happy for you, dood! She really is a beauty. The color is gorgeous, too. Your baby is solid proof that big goals can get done! <3 (c)
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I almost didn't play her when I first got her out of the package, haha I stood there for like two minutes just like ... is that mine... haha I couldnt believe it. Thanks
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Finally! Now why are you on here.. go play it xD
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"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work"

You made it. Enjoy it mate :)
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Amazing proof!! So glad to see you finally have it in your hands. ;) I'm really happy for ya Adam, you worked so hard for this. I can't wait to see your video! Congrats & enjoy playing your new baby. x)
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congratulations on your free guitar, you deserve it :D
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yeah man good job
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congratulations on your free Guitar buddy

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