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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » [VOTE] Browsers - Firefox vs Chrome vs Internet Explorer
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Created: 2013-03-17 22:33:25
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Just as the title says. What is your favourite web browser?

If "Other" state it in the comments section?

Poll: Best Browser?

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Want to make a poll too?? Click here.
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Google Chrome is my overall favorite although I use IE simply for Points2shop. The reason why is because Chrome constantly crashes (which is bad when you're in the middle of a survey) and Firefox is just too slow.
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Chrome was my favorite, but Google hasn't been updating it like they should have been and now is very slow and bugger; for me personally. So my preference would still be FireFox.
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Google Chrome has been good to me. What's nice is that I can use any of my computers/phone/tablet and all my apps and bookmarks are there for me. I've never had any performance issues with Chrome, but have with IE.
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Haha, Internet Explorer SUCKS! :) (I think everyone agrees?)
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IE really does suck. chrome is the best and i use firefox for p2s
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Internet explorer is the best browser to download a better browser :p

Team Chrome!
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Google Chrome was my favorite browser to use, but when Oracle released Java 7 for my Mac, I couldn't use Google Chrome anymore as Java 7 requires a 64-bit browser and Google Chrome is still a 32-bit browser.
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Thanks for all the replies + votes. Please get more to vote/reply! :)

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