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Created: 2013-02-26 07:08:45
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Hello all! I am a kidney failure patient who is waiting for a transplant. I've been waiting for nearly 4 years now so my time is coming soon as the average is between 3 and 5 years! Until then I'm doing dialysis which filters the blood and removes water from your system since my kidneys no longer do that job.
There are two common types of dialysis used for kidney failure patients. One is well-known and is called Hemodialysis. Hemodialysis generally takes place 3 days a week for 2 to 4 hours depending on your size. The 'hemo' of course stands for 'blood' and is essentially a process where two 15 or 16 gauge (yes, really big) needles are places in a surgically created fistula. This fistula is create when a surgeon pokes a hole in an artery, then attaches a vein to that hole. The high pressure of the artery causes the vein to puff up, and while it looks rather grotesque, it gives the nurse a large target for those two big needles.
After the needles are in, a machine will pump blood from the body through a machine, through a filter and back to the body. The filter removes water and wastes and has the unfortunate side effect of crushing many of your red blood cells. The process causes you to feel disoriented, weak and not well for the rest of the day, although the following day you usually feel like a champ!
The other type of dialysis is called peritoneal dialysis. Everyone has a membrane sac that surrounds the organs in their abdomen. This is called a peritoneum and somehow doctors discovered if you fill it with what is essentially a sugar water mixture, the body will try to dilute the sugars and in the process exchange wastes. This fluid is then drained and refilled to do it all over again. The sugar water is pumped into the abdomen via a catheter that is run under the skin by the abdominal muscles and then through the peritineum into the cavity there. This dialysis method happens EVERY day, and does not have the side effect of creating dialysis sickness.
The method I use is peritoneal and I have a machine that fills and drains in cycles throughout the night. When I wake in the morning and finish the dialysis I feel pretty darned normal.
Anyway, all this information is intended for is to let those with kidney failure know that there are choices, and to request that everyone else offers to be a donor on their driver license. You can also be a live donor of a kidney because your body really only needs one of them to perform just as well as two do. So please if you are feeling benevolent, look into being a live donor because some kidney failure patients are stuck in limbo while they await a transplant.
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Good luck to you :) Good to hear you'll be getting a transplant soon. My great grandfather died from kidney failure. That was the saddest day of my life and i'll never forget it.
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It is a difficult disease, and many people don't have a clue about it. Regardless, it is important for people to be donors on their drivers licenses so people can get their lives back if you are unfortunate enough to die. The longer a person goes with kidney failure, even with treatment, the more likely other organs are going to have issues because of the wastes and the stress of dialysis.

As an aside, I understand that most dogs and cats actually die from kidney failure because their diets are so high in protein, and protein is pretty hard on your kidneys.
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sorry guys i really feel for that because my mum also had a kidney problem and now she's do a dialysis 3 times a week. For me nothing is impossible in Him. God is the healer!

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