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Points2Shop Forums » P2S The Game » Guide - what monsters drop what?
Created: 2013-01-15 10:14:32
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This is a small guide for the noob players, beginners, or frustrated veterans.

For experienced players - The question I have is which monster have you fought dropped a copper bar? Then what level were they? According to your memory and please be honest and willing to share this info.

Here below is a list of dropped items I obtained from specific monsters.

All these monsters were below level 5

Item - Monster

Acid Gland - Something Scary
Dog Skin - Angry Dog
Ant Queen Wings - Mutated Ant
Slug Secretion - Carnivorous Slug
Devourers slime - Gelatinous Devourer
Garbage - Desert Nomad
Rat Tail - Giant Rat
Roach Carapace - Big Roach
Spider silk - Giant Spider
Butterfly Wings Oil - Radiated Butterfly
Frogs Venom - Frog
Wolverine Bones - Wolverine
Wolf Teeth - Wolverine
Snake Fangs - Snake
Snake Skin - Snake


Item - Monster below lvl 5

Spiked Club - Scavenger
Metal Pipe - Weak Mutant

I haven't come across the item Cat Claws. (Maybe cougar or wild cat drops)
I haven't come across any other weapons or armors.
I haven't come across any copper bars disappointingly.

Credit seanmcgettigan for the Craftsman Shop Locations***

Snake Skin - 0x0
Snake Fangs - 0x0
Devourers Slime - 10x2
Cat Claws - 10x2
Garbage - 10x3
Acid Gland - 3x3
Dog Skin - 6x4
Ant Queen Wings - 17x4
Slug Secretion - 11x10
Rat Tail - 14x16
Roach Carapace. - 17x17
Wolverine Bones. - 7x17
Frogs Venom - 18x19
Butterfly Wings Oil - 14x20
Spider Silk - 11x10

As for now wolf teeth has no place to be sold - so hold onto it or get rid of it for small gold value at any shop.

I will update this post later when i experience other drops.

Please feel free to share your monster drops if you would like to contribute. Please be specific which monster and their level.
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There is no wolverine teeth in the RPG. Get some more experience in the RPG then repost.
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why have wolf teeth in the game if there's no place to sell it
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Thanks buddy!! It was very useful!
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Cat claws are definitely from cougars. Dogs will also drop wolf teeth. Weak Mutant will drop a baseball bat I think. Desert Nomad drop spears if I'm not mistaken. Lastly, it doesn't really matter what level the enemies are.

why have wolf teeth in the game if there's no place to sell itwoodants

Ergo's planning to have some kind of system where you can combine items to make something new.
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Low level monsters also drop the spiked club weapon i know cause i switched from a for to that when i killed a few low level monsters and i looted it.

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