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Created: 2013-01-15 03:45:55
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Lot of member have been asking how come I not qualifying for any survey? Or how come I didn't get credit for a survey I completed ?

There are many reason why someone may
not have qualify or gotten the credit from survey after completing a survey. I am here to help to answer that for you and to give you some tips on approving your chance of getting qualify and tell you reason why may not getting qualify or getting credit for survey.

The first thing. Points2shop has no control who qualify for any the survey plus Points2shop dose not credit you for the survey at any time. It the survey company that provides the survey on Points2shop that qualify and approve and credit the survey.

Did you know 90% of the member who are not qualify or getting their credit from survey is from their own mistakes when they are taken the survey and lot of it you may not know your doing. So this why I making this forum to help you better your chances to get qualify and to get those credits. At no time this cheat and your not going to qualify for ever survey.But my guide well help better your chances.

I am going to break down the guide in parts each part of the guide is part of the survey.

Main reasons why lot my not be qualifying or getting credits.

1. Not using legit info. When doing survey make sure you use legit info not only using false info on survey well not qualify you or get credit for it You can also get your Points2shop account block or banned from the site.

2. Not taken your time. Lot of you try to race though the survey as fast you can.You want to take your time so wouldn't miss anything. Plus survey dose have a time counter that tell them how long did take someone to complete a survey. Also lot survey have key words watch are codes in the survey that tell the survey to qualify or disqualify.

3.Taken to long to complete a survey this more for those not getting credit. The same thing for not taken your time survey have a time counter to see how long someone take a survey. If you notes at start of every survey there is time that tell how long it should take you to complete a survey. Now this don't mean you have to complete the survey by that time limit but should complete that survey in the time limit.

If you haven't yet make sure you fill in your profile demographic for points2shop here
p2s demographic proflie
or for Uspam survey group go here Usamp demographic profile

Doing this well help better chance find a survey in your demographics. Also this isn't a 100% chance you going to qualify or approve a survey.

Now on to the survey guide.

There are 3 part of survey
1.Per qualify
2. Survey it self approval

At any part of the survey can denied you at any time. And for any reason. A survey doesn't not have to tell you why you have been disqualify for those survey.

First part of the survey the Per qualifying part. This is the part that decided if you're eligible to take the survey.

In this part where they ask for your information like said before use your legit info. Also they ask you some qualifying question.

Remember me telling you about key words this part use lot of key words these words are code to decided if you are eligible or not for the survey it self.

Main keywords you should look for.
1.Have you ever own watch or been too.
2.Would buy own watch or go to.

So in this part if ask you have you ever own or been to only mark down the one that you have ever own or been to. even if you don't own the product or been to the place for awhile or have watch before. Cause you know of the product have been to that place or have watch that movie or TV show before.

And if ask you would buy own watch or go to mark down the one that you would most likely buy own watch or go to.

And the reason why you only want to mark the one you have or going to buy own go to and watch.Is you have a better understand of the item or question the survey is going to ask of you and this help you better your chances to qualify in to survey.

The next part of the per qualify is the eligibility part in this part they ask you two questions

1.Dose your family or anyone living in your house hold work in this ares . Mark down the only the ones that applied.

2. Have you taken survey in the past. Lot them well ask have taken a survey in like the past month or so. When you get to this question you want to mark no. And the reason why Survey groups don't care if you have taken a survey before they want to limit the amount of people from taken a survey. so they don't have to pay out. So this one them trick question they get you on. So by marking no not only allow get you better chance to get into the survey. It also well open up more survey studies group for you if you're not eligible for that survey.

Once you get past the first part the survey is on to the next part the survey it self

This is the survey it self this where they ask you about info and input about product place view or movie. In this part too you can be disqualified at anytime for any reason.

In this part where most of you make the mistake at.
1.Like said before take your time and read the question the survey ask of you lot time they have those key words in them.

Also I know lot of you do this mark single answer on the question down the list like when they ask you mark a scale from 1 to 10 and you mark all the same answer. Do not do that The reason why the survey well might think your a bot and well disqualify you. So mix up your answers.

Next be as honest on the survey don't go marking random question about something.

Also try to think as someone else when taken the survey as well your self. Cause you might like or dislike something don't mean the product is bad or right for someone else. So if use general answer this better your chances to qualify for the survey.

Look trick question these are just random question survey put out to make sure your reading the question that your not a bot and to trick you so they can disqualify you.

Common trick question are

1.They ask you to mark a certain answer
2.They ask you random off topic question like what color is the sky.
3.And this one your not going to get a lot but they do show up time to time. The survey ask you the same question before but word it different.

First question. From scale from 1 to 10 what the most likely you would buy this item. Second question From the scale from 1 to 10 what the most unlikely would buy this product.

And the last part lot survey well ask to write something lot you keep answer na lot time that ok but you should at lease write answer ever once in awhile and be honest in your answer do write something random cause lot the survey you take is another person on the other end watching your answer.

And the last part of the survey
The credit approval part.This part is qualify for credit only it has nothing do if you qualify for survey or not.

To biggest mistake people do on this part.
Not read the question they ask
And not use legit info.

In this part they re ask you your demographics again lot time they use that trick key words by re wording the question
Exp per qualifying part they ask you something like this. How many people living in your house hold counting you.
in the credit approval part it ask how many other people live in your house hold.

And the last part and lot you make this mistake you close out the survey to earlier wait for to credit first.

And to take another survey make sure you have close out the first one lot them might ask you do you want to take another survey do not click on that close it out and reopen a new survey though points2shop. if you don't close out the first survey it might not credit you for the next one. The reason why you have the same survey code as the last one and if you answer no I have taken a survey before when they ask it well now you have so by close out the survey you be issue a new survey code.

Thank you and good luck and remember this isn't a cheat this only to help you.
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good one, but still doing survey takes time. They pay you 1 dolllar per hour, only if you lucky, but still, the reality is, only 20% chance to get approve.
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good one, but still doing survey takes time. They pay you 1 dolllar per hour, only if you lucky, but still, the reality is, only 20% chance to get approve.lokojohn

Not really you can get up to 70% approval if you know how to do them right I have made between $3 in points or cash to almost $10 a day
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Good notes, could use some fixes as parts were a little hard to read.
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Great one moofoo, thanks for sharing!! :)
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Great time and effort taken Moofoo i hope alot of members take time to read this.
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Great guide Moof :thumbup:
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the best way to qualify is providing the correct information.
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thanks 4 the info
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thanks for this, i appreciated it :]

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