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Points2Shop Forums » Referral Talk » maybe a easy way to get web site hits
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Created: 2009-06-22 21:24:39
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Am I spamming?
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just head there you get free hits for just browsing other sites. sounds very legit id suggest some others try it besides me and tell me what you think. Thanks and hope you get more hits.

link:5000 clicks
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Hits wont do much for a website. let alone Referrals. people may click but will they stick around?
I dont think so.
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I don't think so either.
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Eh, I might give it a try. Like the others said, hits don't really mean much. But who knows, maybe a few will stay around! I'll try it.
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It might help me with my Alexa traffic rank since it get visits but no ones actually going to bother to read the page. :(
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With SEO, traffic rank will help your site reach the top. The more traffic, the more likely you are to get higher SERPS, or search engine results. So I would go for it, just don't spend too much time doing it. Look for more automated services where you can leave the computer on. I don't have any in mind right now but I am sure Google does.
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agm is correct i have just over 5000 hits and have not got a single
ref from it
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The people viewing your website though are just after hits for their own website. similar to all the sites that get you views on youtube and stuff
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I dont think its gonna work
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Yeah, I've been trying this for over a week and haven't gotten even one referral from it...because the people don't actually have to LOOK at the automatically clicks through every site for them.

It was a good try though.

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