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Created: 2012-11-27 18:12:30
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This is a Guide for the "Search for Terms and Record the Search Results" Tasks that are generally pay out 15 Cents for each page(It varies) and can be completed in about 5 minutes per page. Read the Guide for details.

The first thing you will be asked to do is record the 4 search options (or more) you get when typing a term into Google (Fisher investments and Fisher Wealth Management), when you type the term into Google and click SPACE (Do NOT click enter) you should see all the search results like:

HOT TIP: Create a notepad document and take note of the results you get, this will GREATLY reduce the time it takes to complete the task

Once you have the extensions you enter them into the box (Note: enter it EXACLTY as it is on Google) so in box 1 we enter "Word1" and in box 2 "Word2" etc. But wait, we only have FIVE results and there are TEN boxes, no problem simple enter "na" into the remaining boxes. (you MUST enter "na". leaving it blank will lower your accuracy which could result in you getting kicked from the survey)

The next thing thing you get asked is to record the 10 green link search results for the basic search term (i.e. Ken Fisher), Now is a good time to open a notepad document and take note of these links, you will be needing them again. (Note: Do NOT use ad links)

By now you should hopefully have taken note of the Search results AND the 10 links required.

The final step you will be asked to do is search for a specific term and record the results. (ie fisher investments careers). When you search you should see all the search results. What you need to do here is simply copy the link address of the 3 NON-Ad links (Either click and copy or copy the green text on google (Do NOT right click the Google test and Copy link address this will give you the Google link instead of the ACTUAL link).

Back to the task, You will have FOUR boxes but you only need THREE links.

The last box will say something along the lines of copying the link address of the first non ad link which if you followed the advice above then the first link you enter should also be the first non-ad link. So the link order should be:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 1

Repeat the above steps 10 Times across 5 Pages and you will complete the task. Just remember he first 2 part are the same EVERY time so make use of the Document you created. With only the search for specific term being the odd one out you should be able to complete the task with 100% accuracy in around 15 minutes earning around 15 cents per page to earn 75 Cents per task
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This used to pay out SO much better before. Dissapointed with the payout now.

Boring task. But very easy to complete.
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I used to do these all the time. They had the highest payout of anything I would actually attempt to do on Crowdflower. But all of a sudden they just stopped working for me. No matter what I would enter in it would always tell me I had done something wrong. And every time I recorded exactly what it was that I was supposed to. Double checked and everything. It started with just the "Ken Fisher" ones, then "Fisher Investments" stopped too. Oh well. :/

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