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Created: 2012-11-14 02:46:09
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Sometimes creating a unique email becomes difficult so I have created some tips that will make it easier to make new and unique emails.

:check: Think of a random word, next add some numbers and then another random word or letter, for example: Fred56spoon, Cash0zz, Pen84tip etc. Using a combination of words and letters will mean that you can come up with very unique emails which can help approval rates
:check: Try to avoid using emails which have a word and then increase by number (email1, email2, email3.... email87 etc) this is because some advertisers keep a close eye on the emails they receive and may decline or reverse your payment if they find too many similar emails.
:check: I recommend using Yahoo to make emails,I have found that is by far the fastest service to use and the capcha code is easy to understand.

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A useful post agm, thanks!! :)

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