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Points2Shop Forums » Support » Guidelines, Guides, and FAQ's (Read Before Posting!!!)
Created: 2009-06-18 20:24:17
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--------------------------Guidelines for support forum-----------------------------------

• Read our wiki or FAQ's to make sure your question hasn't been answered.

• Do not bump topics to repeat information already given! If you do not provide different insight your post will be deleted for spam. If topics are marked as (Resolved) chances are no new replies are necessary. If moderators sense this, your post[s] will be deleted without warning. If it appears to be continual and you do not adhere to these rules after warning, you can lose your privilege of posting in the forums either temporarily or permanently.

• Do not post threads about offers in support! Anything about offers is suitable for the Offer Discussion forum. Topics may be moved without warning by a mod.

--------------------------Guides at a glance------------------------------------------------

How to enter your phone number during registration by nadeemrh
How to donate merits to a team by technomonk1
How to post pictures in the forum by nitemare12
How to purchase an item - Guide by lacrimosaangel

-----------------------------Frequently Asked Questions-------------------------------

I have account issues or my account is restricted. Help!
If you have account issues for any reason, we cannot help with these issues in the forums or shoutbox. Only admin can get these issues resolved in a ticket. Account issues are not to be discussed in the shoutbox, if continued complaints and/or begging for account issues help might result in a ban. Read for more info-If you've received a message from the administrators, READ THIS FAQ FIRST before making a new topic!

My item hasn't arrived yet! It's been (XX) days from the estimated shipping date!
There are 2 possibilities here:
• First, they could have shipped using USPS Media Mail. This method of mailing takes 3-21 days to arrive, but usually is quite slow. Therefore, it's possible that your item is still in transit.
• Second, it COULD be lost in the mail. There's no way to know this for sure until 3 weeks have passed.

If your item has been lost in the mail, you must wait until 1 week from the max possible delivery date - 30 days from the shipping date, and then send in a ticket. P2S will contact the seller on your behalf. The seller is obligated to give you either a refund or replacement item free of charge. If they ignore P2S's message, then after a week P2S can contact Amazon, who will give you a refund automatically (and deduct money from the seller forcibly).

This also applies to if your item arrived defective or broken! Have P2S contact the seller for you, and remember, Amazon has a 100% guarantee on ALL purchases made from the marketplace (and from as well)!

Why is my shipping status still approved? Why don't I have a tracking number?
If you ordered your item from a marketplace seller (anyone other than amazon itself!), then the seller does not necessarily have to give you a shipping notification. This doesn't mean they won't ship your item, it just means they won't tell you when they do. On that same note, they don't have to give you a tracking number either. Just be patient, your item is on its way. Read the above section if you're worried about it taking too long.

I have negative cash/points, or I lost cash/points! Why?
First, check your points and cash history here: Points & Cash Balance

• Offer Debit, then one of your offers was denied or placed under review, due to suspicion about the info you used to complete it. Usually there will be a reason why it was reversed on the right side. If the offer was placed under review, you might get the points back 1 month later. If it was denied, you will not.

• Referral Debit, then one of your referrals either got their offers denied/placed under review (as above), or they got blocked for suspected fraud of some kind. In this case, you lose all the points you earned from them doing offers, as well as the sign-up bonus. If the referral account was blocked and is later unblocked, all the points will be returned to you.

My phone number doesn't fit!
Despite what you may think, your phone number IS 10 digits, not 11. Take out the FIRST digit (usually a 0 or a 1) and your number will fit just fine. Make sure you're not including any hyphens (-) or spaces in the number itself. For example: How to enter your phone number

I lost lottery tickets!
First, if it's a Wednesday, then the lottery was probably just drawn. You can check here - Lottery - to see if you won anything. If you did, your winnings were given to you automatically. There is no delay in the point payout! If the lotto was not just drawn, then you probably lost tickets due to spamming the Freebie forum or a duplicate freebie already posted previously by another member-- Remember to check before you make a post! Remember, those posts marked as spam and deleted also result in TWO lost tickets! (you got a lottery entry for them before, it's only fitting that you lose one now for it)

I won a game for points but I did not receive my points!
No, you haven't won yet. Please look closer at the opponent's side. If there is no opponent yet in a 1v1 game, then the game is still undecided. You will have to wait until someone else plays and is matched up against you for you to receive your points (and you may not, because you might lose!). If you are playing a multi-player tournament, make sure that all people have played! If you're in a 10 player tournament and there are only 9 scores, then the prizes will NOT BE given out until all 10 people have played!

I want to change my address/name/account name and it won't let me!
• If you are trying to change your address, you must fill in your password as well before the changes are saved.
• If you are trying to change your name (because you filled in a fake name, or initials only, etc), then you must send in a ticket and request that the admins change it for you. You will need to have a VERY good reason for this, or else you risk putting your account into question.
• If you are trying to change your account name... sorry. There is currently no way to do this in the current system.

I want to convert Cash/Points to the other but can't find out how. Help!
• You can find the Cash to points conversion here: Exchange. This link is found under the Spend Points/Get Paid tabs and click Convert cash to points.
•Points to Cash conversion not possible and cannot be done. Refer to this forum regarding why:
Points can never be converted to cash

How do I get my orders/withdrawals to appear on my profile?
You'll have to add each single redeemed item or withdrawal to your profile manually. They're not added to your profile automatically after having the transaction approved. How to add them:
• To add an ordered prize on a profile: Go to your Status of Orders page under the Spend Points/Get Paid tab. There, you'll need to select "View Order" on the order you're wanting to add. Thereafter, click the "Show in Profile" link. The redeem might not appear immediately - be patient and wait for it to be updated to your profle.
• Adding a Withdrawal on a profile: Again you'll find this under the "Spend Points" tab. Select Withdraw cash earnings, click the "View requested withdrawals" link and there is a "Show in Profile" option for each withdrawal made. Just like redeems, this might not appear immediately after selecting the option to show on your profile.
Note: Only approved orders or withdrawals can be added to your profile.

Why Didn't I get a Sign up Bonus?
CA and International Countries doesn't have as many Advertisers supporting Points2shop as the UK and US, and for that reason you won't get the 250 Points/$0.50 sign up bonus.

  • 1.Will I be affected by this in any way?
    No, the sign up bonus doesn't mean anything and won't affect your time on Points2shop/Cashle as you still have access to all the features and pages everyone else has.
  • 2.Will CA ever get the sign up bonus again?
    At the moment CA still has a low amount of Advertisers but if the situation get better in the future and more advertisers start supporting Points2shop then the Sign up Bonus will likely return.

Still have a question you can't find an answer to?
Check here in this forum post: Questions and Answers Or in the Help Wiki
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