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Created: 2012-10-30 04:31:22
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Most of you, if not, all of you use the iOS app to earn points. This is a pretty quick way to earn. If you have an iPad, use it. The offers on the iPad are separate from the iPhone/iPod ones. There's also an Android app available for any of you with and Android phone or tablet. I don't have an Android device but there is an Android emulator called Bluestacks. You can earn points through this and it's available for Windows and Mac. Right now, a video under flurry on the Android app allows you to watch it infinitely. I know it's only 1 point at a time, but you can earn more merits this way by increasing the number of your external offers you complete.

If you're looking for other quick ways to earn points that don't involve mobile apps, try out the Videos and External sections in the earnings area. If you want to earn with minimal effort, let videos run in the background as you use your computer or you could walk away if you wish. Just remember that you'll have to come back and click accept reward to get your point and move on to the next video and such.

Lastly, only if you know what you're doing, you can do download offers. It's a bit risky but you can do them to earn a good 20-70 points at a time. Just remember to keep your antivirus software on, read the fine print during the download and installation, and look out for any hidden radio boxes or selection points so you don't install any extra software. After you download or are credited, uninstall the downloaded product. If it's a toolbar/addon/extension, still uninstall it through the control panel; removing it through your browser will do nothing. NEVER turn off your computer with the installed software. These things are sneaky. Only skilled computer users should do download offers. I don't want anyone ending up with viruses or adware on their computer.

Well that's all I wanted to cover. Happy Earning!

EDIT: I forgot to mention something about External offers and Videos and all that jazz. Don't always focus on point value when using the app. Sure, we all love our points, but for every 50 External offers you complete, you get a set amount of merits. Here's an example. External offers range from Videos to Apps and other external offers on the site so just do them all. Go for the ones with the highest point value first but just clear it all out and you'll hit a massive amount of merits in no time.

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