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Created: 2009-06-16 18:23:05
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i would stick with the one dollar lolz 144 for me
Like Points2shop? then go to points2shop. Think about that
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yh i would buy one there a good price i think
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I think you should offer tham at those prices for UK and CA. most people come and ask if the site is legit and since it takes like a minute to get 200 points its a good item to see if you do get the stuff.

I would personnaly get the one dollar bill shipped to me in UK just to have one :D
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im looking forward to it
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the 1.00 is not an option for UK or CA-- just the items listed-- it seems that i got more yes then no votes here i think? So i will do my best to get this going as soon as i can--please keep in mind these are to verify address & to prove p2s will ship you the things for points earned there just trinkets and need to be kept UNDER the 250 points you get for free - if you find anything that you think people would enjoy and TOTAL price would be under the 250 points please drop me a note
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When will these prizes be available at low prices for CA and UK members?
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Yeah, why not. When I firstly became a member I thought that they should have some non-amazon rewards, so it'd be great for new members

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