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Created: 2012-10-15 21:50:57
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I'm in a issue with Admin, and finally when i posted proff of my infos and all he asked me

''Have you ever entered any fake information into any of the offers you have completed? We must know now. If you tell us you haven't and our advertisers tell us later that you have we will be forced to keep your account closed.

What will happen if i Admit that i completed offers with info from others than mine?
Cuzz that ask if i did and that must know.

thanks for help.
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As the admin said, you're gonna have to tell them if you used false information. Just gonna have to be honest about it. If you lie about it and the advertisers report later that you lied, your account would be closed for fraud. Nothing we can do in the forums to help you with your account issue problem. Please keep your issues between your ticket.

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