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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Magical Soda Machine Game *Mini Reward Game*
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Created: 2012-10-05 00:50:10
US (TX) admin
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You are in front of a soda machine.
Turns out, you can insert ANYTHING into the machine and get ANYTHING back!
Your post starts with "Gets ......" and concludes with "Inserts ......"

I'll start here and then follow on to give you the idea.

Inserts: Dirty dishes

Gets: Dishwater
Inserts: iPhone Touch

Simply Follow along and win points *Randomly picking*
Common Sense will tell you not to add anything offensive
Post once for every five post

Win points just for being active in the forums

stephen12A 100 points
CaptainGinyu 100 points
lisaokane 100 points
jat42e 100 points
US (CA) legend
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gets: ipod headphones

inserts: ice cream
Raising money to get a new pc and a drawing tablet so i can make better drawings but i need help sharing the link... anyone want to help out?
US platinum
Used to the forums
Total posts: 26

Gets: Magnifying Glass
Inserts: Oversized Sunglasses
US (OK) elite
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inserts ice cream. Gets freshly painted competition orange truck

wow i fouled this one up.. my bad guys. im out of this one.
2010-11-18 02:35:06
US (GA) admin
Helper is my middle name
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Supposed to be following a pattern guys... Right? Lol.

Gets: Tires
Inserts: PS3
US (AZ) new
My first post
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Date of Birth: 1990-08-13
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gets: xbox360

inserts: ps3
US legend
Points2shop is my specialty
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Date of Birth: 1984-11-09
Total Earnings: $3175.42
Gets: a new PS3 Slim

Inserts: A fake Million dollar bill
US (MA) platinum
Am I spamming?
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Inserts: Ps3 controller
Gets: 10 bars of chocolate

....random lol :confused:
UK legend
Am I spamming?
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Get Call of Duty game

inserts remote control
US (WI) elite
Getting Chatty
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Inserts remote control
Gets Italian Beef with Hot Gardeneria

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