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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Workers specifically for weekends?
Created: 2012-09-15 21:23:47
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I suppose we have all been on the site long enough to realize that if we order our prizes anywhere from thursday to friday we will have to wait till monday for approval.We may have also noticed the considerable increase in approval times.From 3 days to anywhere from 5-8.
I am not blaming admins or P2S staff,with all the new members in addition to the older more expierienced ones no one can blame them.My suggestion is this.Since the P2S staff seems to be having trouble getting to everyone why don't we consider getting someone to work orders specifically just for the weekends.I am sure there would be many volunteers from the site willing to sacrifice maybe one of there days to work orders for free.I for one would gladly take it up.This saves money for P2S as they don't have to hire additional staff
and this helps members get there orders faster quicker and with less of a delay.

Well that's my 2 cents bash me or praise me and if you have any additional thoughts or ideas please reply.

additional details:It doesent have to be a single member we can cycle through volunteers.Say one member does it for one hour and thats it.I am sure no one wants to stop their point grabbing ventures and this way you still earn points and get orders approved.
2010-03-27 15:43:11
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Not a bad idea... I hate having to wait weekends for my orders to be approved. I don't mind volunteering my weekends to help approving offers. But I highly doubt the admins will consider this :S
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I like this idea. Although I don't think admins will allow users to work with orders, it would relieve some of the stress the admins go through. Maybe the most dedicated P2S could work, but obviously it's not my choice.

If we can't work on orders, what if we could help with the support tickets? Not only can more experienced users help out other users, we can bring the average reply down to a more manageable time (up to 8 days now). I'm sure there some tickets that can be answered without the need of an admin such as general questions that we all see in the shoutbox and helper system.
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that would be a good idea
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from what i understand is not about just having any one join and do orders they need to be trained... so no mistakes are made and such since even i asked before but yeah it really does suck having to know that orders and support tickets are behind and both take 1 week or so now =/

interesting suggestion on the support tickets though i know alot of users just like to send support tikcets about stuff that could have easily been answered in the shoutbox or even some that send more then 1 ticket about the same topic :p
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We should have an election for new weekend admin(s). Nominees must be higher than platinum. People who vote for the next admin gets merits :D
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I like this idea and I would volunteer for it. Though of course, we need members that can be trusted because there can't be mistakes on these types of matters.

I'm sure there can be a way though to be able to have members volunteer to do this, but on a very restricted field.

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