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Created: 2012-09-03 12:53:00
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Hey all! So yesterday I decided to sit down and do some offers and when all was said and done I had racked up 400-500 points in about 45 minutes so I figured I would pass along some of the great offers that I found that approved really fast :

Peanutlabs: Win Lunch For A Year From McDonalds (3642351)
96 pts.

Coupon Caboodle
60 pts.

Auto Insurance Tips
100 pts.

Radium One: Sign Up to Get Your Sample! (3642126)
26 pts.

Diabetic Insulin
50 pts.

[CS] - Win $1500 Grocery Gift Card
30 pts.

[ORC] - Vizio 55
50 pts.

[SAS] - - 6 Months Free Promo
40 pts.

[BBS] - Taco Bell
35 pts.

Arthritis Connect
30 pts.

iLivid - Download TV for Free
30 pts.

SkateBoard City Game
40 pts.

Also, don't forget that if you are doing the download offers, that you should always use a program like 'Sandboxie' in order to prevent viruses, adware and malware.

Hope this helps! :)
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great post, thanks
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Awesome :D
I must now go on a hunt for these offers while they're still available.
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thx, ill try them
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Awesome post, this was pretty helpful, especially since all the daily surveys are having issues at the moment,
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Great post!
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Thanks mate....
2010-09-18 14:31:05

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