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Created: 2012-08-29 14:14:29
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So for my English A level I got told to read Jane Eyre over the summer. Absolutely felt like killing myself cause I hate reading old English books cause I never understand the language and find it sooooo hard to understand the concepts. But strangely enough I after I forced my self to pick it up (seeing as I kinda don't wanna be a D student anymore :/) I actually started enjoying it! O_O I actually understood the language and loved how the main character didn't follow idealism's and was independent (for the most part). Plus it wasn't a soppy ending either where they get back together get married and live a rich and indulgent life together. :D

But anyways, once I finished reading it, I wanted to watch a movie or TV series to get a visual in my head. I started watching the most recent movie (last year I think it may have been made), but it skipped to much of the book for me especially with the earlier parts, so I stopped watching it.

Can anyone recommend a decent TV series or movie for Jane Eyre that is a good portrayal of the book and doesn't skim on the details? I really don't want to have to watch every single adaption out there to have the last one I watch be the best xD
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Well odd coincidence but I remember watching a version of Jane Eyre a long time ago, a BBC version (they usually get it right) but I'm not sure how loyal it is to the book.

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